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Two Minute Makeover: Old Hollywood Glamour In An Instant

In this latest video for LookTV, I find a cutie stranger out on the streets in Hollywood to make over in two minutes or less! I bumped up her make-up, hair and outfit using quick tricks and accessories. Tips for makeup application included. What’s your quickie makeover go-to?

Host/Producer: Grasie Mercedes
DP/Editor/Director: Michael Garcia
Wardrobe Provided by: LNA & Mcginn

  • Dimitra Mexis

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  • Dimitra Mexis

    Did that girl get to keep that necklace? coz thats super nice of you if you did!!

    • Grasie Mercedes

      yes she did…thanks for watching! :)

  • Alexandra Whittle

    Love this!
    What lipstick was that, such a beautiful shade of red?

  • Charlotte Watkins

    Wow I love this! My mum has always said that the quickest makeover is to put on some lipstick and I have found that the lipstick is key!
    My friend and I decided to go out wearing no make-up (apart from lipstick) and there were compliments a plenty. Someone even asked me what foundation I was wearing and where could they buy it?
    Just goes to show a good lipstick can bring out the best in your skin tone and bring your entire look to life!

    • Grasie Mercedes

      love it! i totally use makeup as an accessory! it changes everything. thanks for watching!

  • Sara Jean Stotts

    Holy cow, Grasie! This is AMAZING. How on Earth can you do that in two minutes?!? Man, I have a lot to learn.

    • Grasie Mercedes

      haha. thank you!!! lots of practice :)

  • Jessica Moran

    That was awesome! Love it :) My only thing is was that make up clean?

    • Grasie Mercedes

      absolutely! whatever isn’t brand new is cleaned with alcohol and new disposable brushes are used :)

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