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2 Easy Easter D.I.Y.s

Even if you’re not religious, it’s always fun to decorate your house around Easter – even if it’s only to celebrate spring. There are thousands of different crafty things you can do with eggs, but after years of trying to blow them with a straw and ending up sucking up about half the egg, I decided to try something different. These two D.I.Y.s are so easy that anyone could do them… and they look so pretty, you will want to keep them up all year long. I would suggest trying to bake a cake around the same time as you are making these as you’re going to end up with a lot of spare egg yolks. If you have any problems making them, please leave a comment. I hope you have a very happy Easter.

Broken Egg Vase

–       One large white egg per vase

–       Four Cups of Water

–       Four Teaspoons of White Vinegar

–       Blue Food coloring

–       Some small pretty flowers


Step One: Break the top off your egg by tapping around the egg with a knife and then cracking the top off. Tip the contents of the egg into a bowl and then carefully rinse the egg out with water. Don’t worry if the top looks uneven as this makes it look even better in the end.

Step Two: Put your water and vinegar into a bowl and then add enough food coloring to make the water a bright blue color.

Step Three: Carefully put your egg into the water and leave it in there until it turns blue.

Step Four: Remove your egg from the water and leave it to dry.

Step Five: Place the egg into an eggcup and half fill the egg with water.

Step Six: Cut your flowers extremely short and place inside the egg.

Step Seven: You’re Done! Now, make as many more as you want and leave them around the house as beautiful decorations.

Broken Egg Candle


–       One large white egg per candle

–       Four Cups of water

–       Four teaspoons of white vinegar

–       Blue food coloring

–       A tealight candle (without the metal wrapping)


Steps One to Four are the same as the Egg vase.

Step Five: Once you are sure your egg has completely dried, place your teacup candle inside the egg, making sure that the wick faces upwards.

Step Six: Put your egg inside an eggcup and carefully light the candle. Once the candle has burned for a few minutes, it will begin to mold into the shape of the egg and look even prettier.

Images via my camera and my computer

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