Two Broke Girls

‘2 Broke Girls' episode 7: "And the Pretty Problem"

Episode 7 opens with a table of rich folk, whose financial stability was determined by their suits and ability to correctly pronounce  “croque monsieur” when ordering their dinner, telling Caroline that they simply must speak to the baker of the diner’s cupcakes.

Caroline excitedly sends Max over. Max, less enthused than her blonde business partner, assumes the worst and tells Caroline that they must just be a bunch of locusts. Her tune quickly changes as the woman tells  the baker that the cupcakes are “fabbbbbbulousssss!” She then hands Caroline a card requesting that they sell the delicious desserts at the higher end café in the the building the work in.

Later, handsome Johnny and his equally attractive friend walk in and ask to be seated in Caroline’s section. Confused, as Johnny usually requests Max as his waitress,  Caroline seats him anyway. Max, passing by on her way to the freezer in the back room, cheekily comments that it’s fine if he’s into Caroline as his waitress as long as he’s equally into hot coffee on his pants.

While she’s reaching for some frozen pie, Johnny surprises her in the freezer.

“You’re not supposed to be in here,” Max exclaims. In response, he just does his handsome person grin and tells her that he’s aware. Johnny then explains to Max that the only reason why he’s in Caroline’s section is because his friend has a crush on Caroline and he agreed to hook them up.

“So now you’re a bartender, a street artist, and a pimp?” Max quips.

The sexual tension is nearly tangible as they get closer and closer…

“Is it hot in here?”
“Yes, and we’re in a freezer…”

“Yes, my freezer.”

Kiss blocked by Oleg. What a shame.

After work, the girls make their way back home, where Caroline states that she’s not interested in Johnny’s friend, and it is explicitly not because he is Puerto Rican. It’s just that sex is the last thing on her mind. What is on her mind is the redecoration of her new Murphy bed.

“Sister, you may think that sex is the last thing on your mind, but you turned your bed into a vagina.”

When the girls get to the café their 1% customers recommended to them, they find it’s run by one of those awful hippie types. Everyone loves a good hippie, don’t get me wrong, but those awful hippies? No one likes them.  The difference between the two is indistinguishable with words, but totally apparent upon viewing:

The awful hippie lets the girls know that the cupcakes might be great, but she’s not even willing to try a taste because they “aren’t pretty” enough.

Max seems hurt, so much so that she doesn’t even make cupcakes for the diner that night. To cheer her up, Caroline sets them up with a cheap cupcake decorating class.

It turns out that both of our broke girls fail at making delightful frosting roses.

Max leaves frustrated. At her apartment, she stays up until 3 in the morning trying to perfect that damn rose. She admits to her roommate that she used to enjoy making cupcakes. In fact, it was nearly the only thing she enjoyed; it allowed her to tune out and not think. But now, with the voice of failure singing in her head, she can’t stop thinking. She’s determined to make that rose better than her jerkhole instructors.

They step up into the classroom the next day and the instructors are completely impressed with her rose. So what does Max do? Slams it down onto the table, rose first.

“That cupcake was not me. I don’t do pretty,” she says with a smirk. She then presents the hoochie mamas with two cupcakes she baked especially for them. One says “Bite Me” and the other? “Screw U”.
Caroline is suddenly struck with an idea… everyone does pretty with cupcakes. Their individualizing light is Max’s best skill: insulting people. Insult Cupcakes are their new jam!

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