Teenage Wasteland

19 Reasons Why I'm Not a Dugger

1. I can wear Pants.

2. I go to school.

3. I can watch TV.

4. I have my own room. I need my personal space!

5. Every person in my family doesn’t have the their fist name start with J

6. I have 3 siblings, not 18

7. I’m not forced by my parents to believe in a certain thing

8. I don’t have Hand-me-downs.

9. I don’t have that 80s style crimped hair with the bangs

10. I believe in dinosaurs

11. I’m don’t play the violin

12. I don’t have to constantly take care of my siblings

13. I don’t have cameras following me around 24/7

14. I am not required to have a “buddy” when I’m out in public

15. I can show my shoulders

16. I know other children besides from the ones in my family

17. My Mom doesn’t announce every 9 months “I’m pregnant!!”

18. I don’t have to eat tater-tot casserole every other night for dinner

19. OMG!!!

Image via: Reality TV Magazine