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15 Ways to Eat Nutella Before the Nutella Apocalypse Happens

8. Peanut butter, Nutella, potato chip Panini

Recipe from: The Hungry Housewife

Potato chips, Nutella, peanut butter, and French bread? What is not to love? Spice up your sandwich routine with this protein-packed, sweet and savory panini. Your taste buds will thank you.

9. Nutella espresso rolls

Recipe from: Pastry Affair

These espresso-infused rolls are the ultimate cure for any sluggish morning. They’re caffeinated. They’re sweet. They’re soft and buttery and leave your fingers sticky with chocolate. Oh, and they’re slathered in Nutella.

10. Banana Nutella popsicles

Recipe from: My Whole Food Life

I don’t care what anyone says—popsicles are good ALL YEAR LONG, especially if they’re made from DIY Nutella (all you need are hazelnuts and cocoa powder).

11. Nutella Pop Tarts

Recipe from: Tablespoon

No need to buy ultra-processed Pop Tarts from the grocery store when you can just make them yourself. Hint: they taste WAY better than the boxed kind.

12. Pumpkin Nutella swirl bars

Recipe from: The Gunny Sack

Are you missing the Season of Pumpkin? Because I’m missing the Season of Pumpkin. Although we have a good month before those bright orange balls make their glorious debut at the grocery store, you can always grab a can of pumpkin and get started a little early.

13. Nutella banana smoothie

Recipe from: A Thrifty Diva

Smoothies make the perfect post-workout snack. They’re cold and wonderful and fulfilling without totally ruining your healthy-streak. You can make a smoothie that is packed with protein and potassium without feeling TOO too guilty. . .Did I mention you get to use four whopping tablespoons of Nutella?

14. Nutella ravioli

Recipe from: Cakes Cottage

If you thought ravioli was just for Chef Boyardee, then you are happily mistaken! Make some Nutella ravioli for dinner tonight, because, why not?

15. Chocolate strawberry Nutella cake

Recipe from: The Pioneer Woman

Leave it to the Pioneer Woman to school all the chocolate cakes. Not only is this cake epically delicious, it’s epically easy to make. That’s right. No boxes of cake mix. No Cool Whip. Just straight up goodness from your fridge. And from your pantry shelf filled to the brim with jars of Nutella. . .right?

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