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15 Impulse Buys You’re Better Off Leaving Behind

11. Energy drinks

I’m not totally sure why a Red Bull has to be $6 a can, but it is – and that’s crazy. Brew coffee or tea at home. Obtain caffeine that won’t destroy your savings or your stomach lining.

12.  Your fifth iPhone case

Do you REALLY need that owl phone case made of bamboo? Probably not.

13. Flimsy sunglasses.

I know we’re just going to recklessly toss them in our bags anyway, but maybe it’s time to stop buying all those $5 plastic sunglasses, no matter how chic they initially seem. A popped-out lens never looked cute on anyone.

14. DVDs

You’re not going to watch Zoolander more than twice. Rent it.

15. Some random kitchen appliance you will never use

Popcorn makers sound great in theory, but how many times are you really going to use it? An electric wok? A bread machine? An egg cooker? We all know that in most cases, it’s best to just stick to the basics.

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