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15 Dogs Who Look Very Concerned About Your Well Being

My only hobby in life is dogs. I don’t care about people or any of the many things in this universe such as hairspray or granola bars or cupboards. I only care about dogs. Sometimes when  I get to a party and I see that someone has brought their dog along, I’ll pretend that I’m a carefree individual who barely notices the dog, but on the inside I’m totally freaking out because there is a dog in the same room as me and I’m not playing with his floppy ears. Eventually, after a few drinks, I finally get up the courage to abandon my disguise as a normal human being and cease all human interaction to spend my entire night playing with the dog.

My favorite type of dogs are old dogs. My second favorite type of dogs are dogs with concerned eyes. They look wise and worried about my recent life decisions. A dog who gives good brow furrow is a dog to keep.

I’ve compiled a list of 15 dogs who look super concerned and worried about your well being. Let’s look at them and cry together!

All images found via Creative Commons search or reader submissions. Click a pup for the original source.

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