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My only hobby in life is dogs. I don’t care about people or any of the many things in this universe such as hairspray or granola bars or cupboards. I only care about dogs. Sometimes when  I get to a party and I see that someone has brought their dog along, I’ll pretend that I’m a carefree individual who barely notices the dog, but on the inside I’m totally freaking out because there is a dog in the same room as me and I’m not playing with his floppy ears. Eventually, after a few drinks, I finally get up the courage to abandon my disguise as a normal human being and cease all human interaction to spend my entire night playing with the dog.

My favorite type of dogs are old dogs. My second favorite type of dogs are dogs with concerned eyes. They look wise and worried about my recent life decisions. A dog who gives good brow furrow is a dog to keep.

I’ve compiled a list of 15 dogs who look super concerned and worried about your well being. Let’s look at them and cry together!

All images found via Creative Commons search or reader submissions. Click a pup for the original source.


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  2. That’s precious! I’m the exact same obsessed with dogs! The dog with the red bandana looks very concerned altogether…

  3. While cute, those dogs don’t look nearly worried enough.
    Check out Buster and his moving anxiety.

  4. I really love dogs! those pictures reminds me of my little ones! <3 love them all!

  5. that look! :)

  6. Very therapeutic!

  7. i desperately want a dog with those sad eyes, but alas, i am not in the financial position to do so. it really IS only a few points shy of having a kid, no? UGH.

  8. My dog always gives me those looks too! Though he usually looks more stern than these dogs, probably because of his mini-schnauzer white eyebrows and white beard, like an old man staring disapprovingly at me whilst I eat and study.

  9. Pet Therapy

  10. LOVE this article. I’m one of a kind among my friends so hiding my dog obsessions is a daily thing for me. I love reading about others like me :] I have 3 dogs already but would love many more XD

  11. Um I cannot even walk down the street without losing my shiz if there’s a dog. Which is ALL THE TIME. I never know how to approach the owners, “Like hey, can I pet your dog? Or borrow it for a spot of tea and a game of fetch in the park? I’ll bring it back! Maybe.”

  12. I about had an aneurism from cuteness overload when I read this article and saw the pictures! I am totally the same way except I should probably do better at hiding the fact that I’m more interested in the dog than the people around me :)

  13. Dogs have no agendas other than the unconditional love of their partners. People could well learn from their canine brethren.

  14. I am completely like that as well. Its all about all of the little (and big) creatures for me. I sometimes find that I have more compassion to stand for dogs then for humans. :)

  15. Hi Zooey. I did not kno you have A dog. How are you doing? Fine I hope.

  16. I’m glad I’m not the only one to care more about dogs. I could look at those photos and nothing else all day! Great stuff!

  17. here are some of a Jug (jack Russell, Pug ) that was so adorable

  18. i don’t have to get drunk :) who cares what ppl think. it’s so fluffy i could die!! (not implying animals are inanimate toys ;) )

  19. I am the same way with dogs. If someone brings them to a gathering, I’m completely gone to all human interaction. There is only dog.

  20. I love them too! They are one of the greatest blessings to us!

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