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14 More Song And Dance Numbers In Non-Musicals

There’s just too much wonderful singing and dancing to not do another edition of my last post on the same subject. Sometimes there’s singing with no dancing, sometimes dancing with no singing, but it’s all magical and it leaves us wanting more. If only there were some way to gather these performers to form some sort of non-musical movie supergroup. Their mission would be simple: anytime a movie was getting boring or bad or had Nicolas Cage in it they could bust in with an amazing song and dance and completely turn everything around.

The newly added fourteenth slot is one that you won’t want to miss. Check it out.

1. Pee-wee’s Big Adventure – Pee-wee charms a biker gang

In all honesty, I was never a passenger on the Pee-wee Herman train. I never watched the show and have never seen the movie. But Pee-wee’s sweet moves deserve a spot on this list.

I can mention Pee-wee with a clear conscience despite my ignorance of his ouvre, owing to the fact that I used to watch him quite often, as Troop Beverly Hills had a scene where the troop is watching his show. I feel everyone can have a connection to Pee-wee. Whether it’s from seeing him on TV or in movies, seeing him live, or just remembering that whole thing about him in that movie theatre that one time. Pee-wee gets around and I know his dance moves will take him wherever he needs to go.

2. Heavyweights The director of The Office/Arrested Development/Bridesmaids/Mr. Pool from Sabrina, the Teenage Witch gets kids to dance

This is just a great movie all-around and this scene where the camp counselors encourage the boys and girls to mingle and actually, gasp, dance at a dance is heart-warming.

I hated most of the actual camps I went to and really hated the one camp dance I went to where a counselor forced me to dance – but it’s thanks to movies like Heavyweights that I’m able to have fond memories of camp.

3.  Addams Family Values – Campers dance and sing, “Eat me!”

Here’s another film that boosted my opinion of summer camp and made me want to incorporate musical theatre into my next Thanksgiving. The costumes are great, the choreography superb, and Wednesday Addams’ eventual denunciation of Thanksgiving really speaks to the powerfully opinionated girl inside me.

Although why a summer camp is doing a Thanksgiving play is somewhat beyond me…

4. Troop Beverly Hills – It’s cookie time!

I can’t believe I actually left this off of the first list. It’s cookie time all the time for Phyllis Nefler and the Wilderness Girls. These are some talented ladies – they’ve truly got it all. In fact, if anyone would like to join me I’ll be starting a band called the Wilderness Girls and this is the only song we will perform. Sign-ups are next week.

This number accomplishes all a person dreams: it makes you want to dance and it makes you want to eat cookies.

5. Hocus Pocus – Her name’s Winifred, what’s yours?

So this is basically Bette Midler having the best time in the whole wide world. She gets an awesome costume, a cool ‘do, great back-up singers and a Halloween-costumed audience.

6. Sister Act 2 – Lauryn Hill and Whoopi Goldberg put on the best gosh-darn show Christians have ever seen!

Sister Act and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit are two of my favorite movies. One might say this movie is a musical, but I will disagree in order to put it on this list. The big dance number at the final choir competition is astounding not only for the quality of singing and dancing but also for the fact that this choir never even rehearsed this number beforehand!

I enjoy how inappropriate the woman saying, “Your teacher says take off your robes” could possibly be.

7. Music & Lyrics – Hugh Grant in a fake ’80s pop band in a really good music video

I’m not going to lie – I own this film’s soundtrack. This is largely in part to the song ‘Pop! Goes My Heart’. You can’t go wrong with a band that put’s it’s name in a song title. Yes, Hugh Grant is in the band PoP. With a big ‘P’ on the end. But it doesn’t even matter because it’s simply a good song that an actual band wrote and I love it.

You know what, world? Pop goes my heart for this song. Pop. Goes. My. Heart.

8. Blue Valentine – Ryan Gosling. That is all.

Ryan Gosling is a playing a ukulele and a singing. Michelle Williams is kind of dancing. To be fair, I haven’t seen this movie, just the trailer. But this part seems like it would be the best part of the movie.

So, to recap: Ryan Gosling plus a ukulele equals a grand old time.

9. 10 Things I Hate About You – Heath Ledger is so musical and in love

Who knew Heath Ledger was such a little singer and dancer? Just saying, he made it onto two lists about those very topics. This one is pretty great since he not only sings and slides down a pole, he also pats a security guard right on the old rump.

You know what? This just might be too good to be true.

10. Inland Empire – One of the few parts of this film that wasn’t terrifying

David Lynch makes the scariest movies known to mankind. Inland Empire was terrifying for me to watch but also had some really golden moments. One of which was homeless people having a chat, the other of which was this little dance number.

I want to do the Locomotion now. In a weird room with a bunch of girls and a strobe light.

11. The Three Amigos – The male First Wives Club

Steve, Chevy and Martin are really a male First Wives Club if you think about it. I’d say Steve is Bette, Martin is Goldie and Chevy is Diane. Steve is the most talented, Martin the most enthusiastic and Chevy is the most behind-the-scenes bust still very supportive. This film is a musical in the same sense that Sister Act is, so it counts.

13. Elf – Zooey sings in the shower and Will Ferrell wanders into a ladies’ room

A blonde Zooey belts out a great rendition of Baby, It’s Cold Outside. And then an adult man elf wanders into the bathroom to beautifully complement her.

Elf teaches us the most important Christmas lessons. Like sometimes it’s okay to go into the ladies’ room to join in on a sweet holiday tune. I mean,you just might end up with women screaming at you to get out and  concuss yourself as a result of blindly running into a wall of lockers. But it’s totally worth it.

14. The Sweetest Thing – The Penis Song. I warn you: it’s catchy. And not for the youngins’.

This is a super catchy song about penises. Performed by Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair. This is great because an entire restaurant joins the ladies in singing about penises. What greater thing can happen to a room full of strangers? Nothing. There is no greater thing.

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