14 Best Fictional Liars Ever

Let’s be honest and admit that we all love liars. Liars are fascinating. They have skeletons in their closets. They get away with all kinds of shenanigans. I’m a serious advocate for honesty and open communication in all situations, but if we were all like that, life would be pretty dull. The liars shake things up. You want to know their stories and why they lie. (Just like the crew in We Were Liars by E. Lockhart, available now! Enter our giveaway below and you could score a free copy!) How do they sleep at night? How do they justify their dishonesty? What is going on in their heads? Liars are unsolvable puzzles, which makes them a whole lotta fun to watch. It’s probably best to clear the liars from your social circle in real life, but on screen or in a book? Embrace them for their entertainment value.

Here’s a list of the best liars in fiction…ever. I’m sure there are quite a few that I missed, but these are definitely my favorite fibbers.

*SPOILER ALERT* This post contains some spoilers. I am not responsible for your ruined fictional entertainment if you keep reading.

1. Lady Olenna Tyrell – Game of Thrones

This granny has NOT lost her edge. She’s driven and determined to reach the Iron Throne (even now via her granddaughter Margaery) and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Lady Olenna has got some murderous tricks up her sleeve. Those who have seen the latest episode know what I mean.*wink face*

2. Benjamin Linus – LOST

I experienced this thing I called “LOSTbumps” several times throughout the series, which were goosebumps so intense and unique that I had never experienced them before and haven’t since the show ended. One case of LOSTbumps occurred the moment Henry Gale showed his wicked smile in the hatch, the very moment our beloved castaways realized his whole identity was a lie. He was indeed an “other” and it was the most chilling exposed lie I’ve ever seen. It happened again in the first few moments of the season three premiere, when we see the Oceanic plane break apart in the sky and Ben immediately goes into President Other-mode, hurling directions at Ethan and Goodwin to infiltrate the two groups of survivors. And then…”I guess I’m out of the book club.” LOSTbumps everywhere.

3. Emily, Hanna, Aria, and Spencer  Pretty Little Liars

An obvious four-way tie for these fabulous fibbers. They know how to lie, deny, deceive, and avoid exposure unlike any high school clique in history.

4. Creed Bratton – The Office

Who IS Creed Bratton? Is he homeless? Where did he come from? There are only three things we know for sure about Creed – 1) He loves stealing things. 2) He sprouts mung beans on a damp paper towel in this desk drawer – giving him a “distinct old man smell.” 3) Being able to scuba is of the utmost importance to him. After all, if Creed can’t scuba, what’s this all been about? What has he been working toward?

5. Claire Underwood – House of Cards

Oh, were you expecting me to give old Francis the spotlight here? Sure, he’s a world-class scoundrel, but none of his accomplishments would be possible without the support and complimentary ruthlessness that Claire provides. She would do anything to make sure they reach the top. Imagine them in Westeros?! The Iron Throne would be theirs, for sure.

6. Plutarch Heavensbee – The Hunger Games

This Head Gamemaker gave the rebellion the final push it needed to become an all-out war, and risked a whole lot to keep Katniss alive to continue her work as The Mockingjay. He did put her in danger multiple times, but he knew she could obliterate any obstacle placed in her path. Which she did.

7. George Costanza – Seinfeld

His whole life is a lie! Latex salesman importer/exporter, real estate agent, Yankee employee, and aspiring architect – this short, stalky, bald man was all hustle. Art Vandelay, at your service.

8. Selina Meyer – Veep

As the Vice President, Selina is constantly trying to keep the upper hand in the game of politics. Her team is a hardworking hot mess, but their screw ups are hilarious and their cover ups are even better.

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