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Here's where you've seen the "13 Reasons Why" actors before


A lot of the actors on 13 Reasons Why are fairly new to ~the industry~, which isn’t surprising, because they’re mostly very young. It is, however, impressive that these young actors, including the star Katherine Langford handled such heavy material so well. We can imagine it would be incredibly difficult content to portray, especially if it’s your first major show! Some of the kids, like Christian Navarra aka Tony, did a series of guest spots on shows like Law and Order and the Tick before landing a meatier role in 13 Reasons Why. Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley) has only one other credit before he found himself on the popular new Netflix show!

Some faces more than others tugged at our memories as we were watching, so to save you the pain and endless googling, here’s a list of the actors from 13 Reasons Why who you might recognize from other shows and movies.

Dylan Minette, aka Clay Jensen

You may not have even made the connection, but in addition to a handful of smaller roles in other movies and shows leading up to his leading role in 13 Reasons Why, Dylan Minette was Jerry Grant Jr. on Scandal!


Miles Heizer, aka Alex Standall

Miles Heizer also used to play a kid on one of our other most beloved shows — he was Drew Holt on Parenthood, Sarah Braverman’s son.

Kate Walsh, aka Hannah’s mom

Kate Walsh was Addison on Grey’s and later Private Practice, so we loved seeing her killing it in another show.

Steven Weber, aka the Principal

We’re not sure whether we feel more certain that the principal is secretly even because Steven Weber played the Green Goblin in Spiderman or because he played Vaughn du Clark in iZombie.

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