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12 people confess their most hilarious beauty fails, and we can totally relate

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If you’re like us, you’re probably always looking for quick and simple beauty hacks to add to your routine and luckily for us all, the internet is full of them. There are so many beauty tips and tricks out there. Some will work so well, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them — like, using coconut oil to moisturize (and for pretty much everything else). While others, not so much. Whether you’re a top-notch beauty guru or you’re still trying to master eyeliner 101, sometimes even the simplest hacks can turn into total disasters when you try them IRL. Like most things, creating your ideal beauty routine and finding what works best for you will take some time.

And we know it can be terribly frustrating but thanks to Whisper, we also know you’re not alone. There are others out there struggling with their own hilarious beauty fails.


I put hot sauce on my boobs because I believed it would make them bigger... Don't trust the Internet kids XD


I used to spray my face with a a really strong shower head bc I thought numbing my face out would make me have nice complexion lmao (turns out I'm cute either way💁)


I put DEODORANT on my face, and it made me have bags under my eyes.


Shaved my hairline back a little so I'd have higher forehead. Didn't think about the growing- back process...


Tried to remove my freckles with lemon juice 😂


Tried to make my nose look smaller using makeup. It was a disaster.
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