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11 things on Netflix to watch when you need to feel more creative


Any artist will tell you: There comes a time when creative block happens. No matter your craft — art, writing, filmmaking — it takes the right set of elements to get into the zone. Sometimes, we need help to feel more creative, even when everything seems to be in its place.

The right playlist or a change of location can do the trick — or maybe we need a productive break to find out more about someone else’s story. If you’re struggling to start that collage or write that personal essay, there are actually a few things you can watch on Netflix to help. (Yes, Netflix.) It helps to learn more about the stories of people we admire and creative minds we might not even know yet.

Here’s a quick guide to some of the amazing documentaries, series, and more that you can watch on Netflix when you need to reinvigorate that creative spark.


Iris Apfel is a style icon — and she’s about dressing how you want. Watch Iris if you need to remember the value in being yourself and taking risks.

2Beautiful Losers

Following the journeys of creatives like Shepard Fairey, Margaret Kilgallen, Barry McGee, and Ed Templeton, Beautiful Losers will remind you why making art is so fulfilling. Expect lots of shots of the artists at work, which will inspire you to make something of your own.

3Dior and I

Watching Raf Simons obsess over every detail for his first haute couture collection — and learning about his amazing team — will motivate you to take on that next big project. And you get a fascinating peek into the high-fashion world.

4Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere

It’s here. It’s finally here. Take a trip back down memory lane and get ready to turn those mistakes into glorious art thanks to the timeless wisdom of Bob Ross.

5Chef’s Table

Winner of the James Beard Award for Visual and Technical Excellence, Chef’s Table chronicles the culinary journeys of chefs with exceptional restaurants (think Michelin-rated and nearly-impossible-to-book). Besides its gorgeous shots of food and cooking, the series sucks you in with stories that prove the power of following your passion and practicing your craft.

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