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11 cinematic trips you should take based on the 2017 Oscars nominations and wins

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Through some of this year’s best films, audiences were able to vicariously travel all around the world.

In “La La Land,” we saw Los Angeles through the eyes of artists out to change the world. “Moonlight” gave a voice to an amazing community in Miami, and “Manchester by the Sea” highlighted the working fishing towns of Massachusetts.

So, in honor of the amazing roster of films that came out this year (and the Academy Awards on February 26), here is our guide to some of the most cinematic places on the planet, based on 11 of this year’s most talked-about films.

And the award goes to…

Hidden Figures

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“Hidden Figures” portrayed the story of three integral black women who were (until now) brushed over by history. The movie is nominated for three Academy Awards, including Best Motion Picture. Pay homage to Dorothy Vaughan, Katherine Johnson, and Mary Jackson (and this year’s movie) with a trip through Florida, Georgia, and Virginia.

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La La Land

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Starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, this musical tour through Los Angeles has been nominated for over 140 awards, including 14 Academy Awards. The entire movie is a perfect itinerary for anybody hoping to make it big in Hollywood. The movie includes stops at iconic locations like Grand Central Market, Griffith Observatory, and the Chateau Marmont.


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“Moonlight,” nominated for eight Academy Awards, visits a part of Miami seldom seen by tourists. The film follows Chiron, a boy born in one of the city’s roughest neighborhoods, as he grapples with his identity and sexuality. In order to do justice to the lives of the people in Miami’s Liberty City, film crew went directly there.

Manchester by the Sea

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“Manchester by the Sea” was filmed in Cape Ann, a part of Massachusetts often referred to as Cape Cod’s lesser-known cousin. The movie—produced by Matt Damon and nominated for five Golden Globes—follows a Boston janitor when he must go back to his hometown because of his brother’s death. The film is a great portrait of the fishing towns along Cape Ann, and an excellent start of an itinerary for anybody looking to head off the beaten path.


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The nation’s capital has played host to many of the most important events in American history. “Jackie” stars Natalie Portman as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, in the days immediately following JFK’s assassination. For anybody hoping to tour D.C. in the eyes of a Kennedy, the filming locations for this movie act as a perfect start.

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