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These 102-year-old pictures of a girl in red have captivated the Internet

Every time we see a photo from the distant past, we see it in black and white. Because of that colorless nostalgic feel, it makes it difficult to imagine those moments as real, true moments that happened. It just does.

That may be why the entire Internet is totally captivated by these gorgeous color photographs taken by Mervyn O’Gorman, who used potato starch to make these vivid shots pop with beautiful hues back in 1913. Mervyn’s technique is technically called “autochrome.” The photos were taken of his daughter, Christina, over 100 years ago — and they’re absolute perfection.

According to Mashable, O’Gorman was 42 when he took the photographs. He was an electrical engineer and author, but his passion and hobby was photography. Clearly, it was a hobby not well-wasted.

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