10 Ways to Convince Yourself NOT to Work Out

We’ve all been there—After a long workday, you procrastinate the dreaded workout. You stare in the mirror, hoping the reflection is distorted. Next, you step on the scale—summer weather is merely weeks away.

It was a long winter and you’ve put off the summer body workout long enough. While weighing your workout options, you turn sideways hoping you look better from that angle—the results aren’t as you wished.

Below, a list of ways to convince yourself that an HBO marathon is better than a beach bod:

  • I JUST took a shower—working out post-shower would be useless, right?
  • I ordered a Diet Pepsi with my nacho platter last night.
  • It’s fine if I miss one day, I’ll get back to it tomorrow.
  • It was hot out today, I’m sure I sweat enough.
  • Ill-fitting clothes look good on me.
  • I could always skip dinner. Or eat those cardboard tasting coasters they call “rice cakes”
  • Did I just hear somebody Facebook me?
  • I ate a salad today—though I did ask for extra dressing.
  • I substituted Splenda for sugar in my coffee this morning.
  • I heard it’s going to be a cool summer, I probably won’t even wear a bathing suit.

It’s always good to keep fit, but don’t let it get in the way of your favourite foods–remember, keep everything in moderation. Even when that fourth slice of pizza is waving you over with its greasy-mozza filled crust.


Featured Image via DeviantArt.com

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