You may have read a few days back that I go absolutely crazy for cat memes, but my first true love is dogs. Honestly, folks, I like dogs more than people. It’s just fact. I have serious potential of being an animal hoarder and I’ve alerted my friends to look out for signs.

Living in LA, you see so many of the same designer breeds. But popular breeds have the risk of being inbred, which can lead to lots of health and behavioral issues. Now, I’m no Cesar Milan or anything (I mean, let’s face it: He’s a god.) but I do my fair share of research about different dogs. I’ve created this list of 10 or so underrated canines you might want to consider.

Obviously, I am basing this off of their historical behavior. You should always do plenty of research about not only the breed, but also the particular breeder and family tree of your puppy. A breed could be great; a breeder could be not so great. You can always consult the AKC website for registered breeders, and I recommend visiting with both the puppies and parents a few times before making a decision.

For this list, I tried to pick low maintenance dogs when it comes to feeding, grooming or training that all have friendly temperaments. Keep in mind: All dogs have a tendency to be disobedient if they are not properly stimulated. I mixed in big, medium and little dogs who are all unique and bound to turn heads.

Of course, my favorite dogs have always been mutts. Adopting a dog is great thing! They generally come along with less health issues and have longer life spans. You can also easily visit a shelter and see how the dog behaves around you and your family, outside of its adorable puppy stage.

It was difficult picking just 10, so don’t be offended if your favorite dog isn’t on the list and please feel free to share comments and pics of your favorite dogs below or on twitter @HelloGiggles & @origToriqua!

Image of Chinese Crested Powder Puff via; All other images via & @AKCDogLovers

  • Courtney Massey

    I’ve grown up in the Dog Show world my entire life, so it’s nice to see some other breeds getting a mention! I own Afghan Hounds, which can be seen in many commercials and films but a lot of people don’t really know about them. Also, one of the breeds on my wish list is the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen! However, both these breeds are known for being trouble makers! I wouldn’t recommend them for everyone 😉

  • Kimberly Marie

    i’m a schnauzer girl. both of my dogs have been schnauzers…and they are simply the best!

  • Paige Tomas

    Another schnauzer girl chiming in. I’m on my 3rd schnauzer pup of my life and just love everything about them…they are some of the most intelligent dogs I have ever experienced in my life. <3

  • Carly Wood

    Also a Schnauzer girl here – I love mine, I wouldn’t call mine intelligent though. Stubborn & lazy … yes! hahahaha Simply the best – I agree! Mine:

  • Ashley Franciskovich

    omg you guys added in a pik-a-pom/pominese great mutt! Mine is nothing but pure hilarity and a goofball!

  • Natasha Rowlands

    I know I am bias but my English bull terrier Chop is the best friend I could ask for! Bags of character and very loyal, nothing like what people think. I couldn’t recommend the breed enough. They don’t have many health problems either as they were crossed with dalmatian in their breeding history which means they have cute black spots too!

  • Penny Ribbons

    I ♥ my dachshund mini!

  • Jess Fellows

    My favorite dog breed is the Boston Terrier. Can’t get enough of their goofy personalities. <3

  • Olivia Kerrigan

    My family has had Curly Coated Retrievers most of me life. They are the absolute best dogs on earth. <3

  • Mal Kegode

    I have a whippet and I’m sure that they are just the best kind of dog ever, they love to cuddle up with you and are very gentle and docile but you can also go on mammoth walks and adventures with each other for hours!

  • Jen Georgeff

    I am totally in love with my pappillion. He sheds more than I’d like, but he’s the sweetest, most loving little furball I’ve ever met in my life.

  • Cynthia Magalhaes

    I am so happy to see a pekingese on the list! I had one for almost 17 years and he was the most loyal, beautiful, smart, funny and amazing dog I could have ever hoped for.
    I always thought it was weird when I heard people saying they liked animals more than humans. But I realized this is my case also. I think about my peke and I feel a love for him that I haven’t felt for most humans I’ve met in my life. And I too am in risk of becoming an animal hoarder! But the only animals I have right now are 4 cute fish that I swear recognize me when I enter the room!
    God, I’m crying now! It’s been almost 2 years since he went to doggy Heaven but I think about him every day. <- that's my album for my pup!

  • Nora Charlotte VanLiew

    Ahhhh! The Chinese Crested is my favorite! I would love to own one someday! <3

  • Rachel O’Hara

    I love all dogs, but my favorite breed will always be a mutt. :-)

  • MJ Rojas

    Schnauzer girl too! I love my girl and she’s terribly smart, has the quirkiest personality and is very well behaved. True, we had to work on it, but when training was done, everyone wanted a dog “just like Allegra”

    I loved the article but I’m a little sad HelloGiggles is endorsing buying puppies from breeders (even though of course at the end the writer agrees that mutts are the best -they are!-) I just would’ve liked a little more endorsment on adoption and less on puppy mills. I’ve seen plenty purebreed dogs on dog pounds and shelters after being abandoned by their families for any ridiculous reason……

  • Kayla

    I have wanted an Irish Wolfhound my whole life. Citing this article as more evidence for my case. :)

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