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10 Things You Need To Stop Putting On Instagram

Instagram is fun and I use it it with a sort of frenzied self hatred, because I can’t stop. I love having a photo diary of my life, and seeing what other people are doing and what fun things I wasn’t invited to. But there are things that I am starting to get sick of seeing, and I can’t be the only one. Here are 10 things I think we should stop putting on Instagram. (And I am guilty of almost all of these offenses.)

10. Your nails.

Ugh, nails everywhere. Take your Home Depot porn somewhere else.

This is controversial considering that we have a daily nail post on HelloGiggles, and I’m not saying that I don’t like seeing photos of creative manicures, because I do, because I bite my own nails and don’t have patience to paint little Disney Princesses or Pikachus or make my nails look like Stanley Kubrick’s filmography, or whatever. I like seeing yours. But I don’t like seeing a small grainy photo of them with some cockadoodle filter over it. I can’t tell what the color actually is. Don’t you want me to see your nails after you put all that hard work into it?

9. Your baby.

Hey guys, what’s going on?

I am not a mother, though I do drink like one. Thus, I can admit that I do not feel the need to constantly show the internet what my stupid kid looks like. I like to take pictures of martinis that I make, is it like that? The difference though is that it doesn’t matter if people see what my martinis look like, because that’s really not a personal thing, and it’s not a threat to the martini. I don’t understand why you would willingly put your child all over the Internet. Doesn’t that seem unsafe? I can’t explain how though. I could be way off on this.


8. What you’re watching on TV or listening to on your computer. 

Oh my God, you guys, this episode of ‘Law & Order: SVU’ is f****ing disgusting.

I mean, come on, really? You’re going to take a photo of your laptop/TV screen because why? Because you need proof that you were alone and had no plans?


7. Your crappy breakfast/lunch/dinner.

David, stop, I’m not going to hold a strawberry for you to take a picture of. We all know what strawberries look like. Please, Dave. We really need to talk about Kevin.

If it’s visually appealing, great, but if not, I just feel sad for you, and almost angry, like, why are you even doing this to me? You know?

6. What you do at work.

People? Sitting at a conference table? In a meeting? This is big news.

Unless you work at Disneyland, under the sea, in space or as Paul McCartney’s left arm, I don’t care, it’s boring and again, I feel sad for you. What am  I supposed to feel when I see a photo of you at your desk? I’m sorry to tell you this, but most of your jobs are boring. I don’t take photos of me sitting in front of my laptop or drinking coffee or making appointments for my boss or shooting birds at the airport, and that’s because it’s boring.

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