10 Things You Need To Give Yourself More Credit For

It’s really easy to fall into a trap where your confidence is at a zero. Someone once told me that you never have two bad days in a row, and that person was totally wrong. Unfortunately, one bad instance can often spawn a bunch of tiny negatives that’ll grow up to be mood killers. For example – you didn’t get the job, after your third interview for it. It’s probably because you wore the same suit twice, and because you stuttered while answering a vague question that was tossed your way. Because you’re stupid, and they probably laughed at you while you were pulling out of the parking lot.


Yeah, that’s not it. Sometimes bad things happen that we just need to let go of and not think so much about. And sometimes you need to give yourself a little more credit there, missy. Yeah, I called you missy. It’s 2014 – so it’s time to boost up that confidence.

Here are 10 things that you really should give yourself more credit for.

1. Nobody needs IMDB when you’re around.

Sounds weird, but if you’ve got a knack for pop culture, people will know you’re the go-to girl (or guy) when they forget the full cast of A League Of Their Own. Being able to retain this information isn’t stupid, or pointless. It’s a skill, and it’ll keep you ahead of the game when you’re involved with anything – from a game of Trivial Pursuit, to figuring out great ways to connect with your extended family. When your Aunt bums the room out with stories of poor Cousin Bobby’s third failed engagement, nothing is more valuable than the person who pipes in with “Who’s watching American Idol this season?”

2. You know how to communicate.

Speaking of communication, you have no idea how many people just don’t know how to do it. If you’ve ever been at a job and found yourself calling the boss at 7 AM to find out if there’s a snow delay, you’re already ahead of the game. So many small mistakes are made by that person who forgot to send an e-mail, so your ability to take the initiative and actually communicate with your peers and coworkers makes you an all star.

3. You’re open-minded.

Chances are, you didn’t grow up in a time or place where all of your friends and colleagues were of the same race, religion, and sexual orientation. You realize that all people are created equally, and don’t even bat an eyelash over the fact that we have a black president, nor do you wonder why an athlete coming out is anything other than inspiring. While people might have different beliefs, you respect them – and don’t categorize them.

4. You’re a master of technology.

You don’t remember the last time you looked at a manual. While your parents might think you’re a genius for hooking up their printer, you realize that new technological advances aren’t anything to be scared of. You might actually be the friend that others text when they have a question about their smart phones. Every group has one, and they’re extremely valuable for being smart, as well as not judgmental of the technophobes they hold dear.

5. You’re sharp.

You’re witty. In fact, you always know what to say to make the room laugh without having to think too hard about it. That’s a character trait that not many people have, and that’s something that deserves a lot of credit. Chances are, you also have a pretty good idea of what’s going on in the world. And not because you feel like you should, but because you really care.

6. Random acts of kindness just come naturally to you.

Not many people will hold the elevator when they see someone running to catch it. In certain places, holding the door open for someone is considered awkward. But to you, it’s just polite. And trust me, people take notice. Probably more than you do, since not blocking an intersection when the light is yellow is just something you naturally do.

7. You choose strong women to be your heroes.

You gravitate towards the Tina Feys and the Jennifer Lawrences because they’re smart women who are realistic, and have made pretty amazing choices throughout their lives. Your idols aren’t the people you wish you looked like – they’re people who enrich your life and make you smile.

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