10 Signs You're Stuck In A Food Rut

7. All your meals come from the same place.

It’s probably not quite as bad as the woman who only ate at Starbucks for a year, but if your meals are all coming from one place, whether it’s your work cafeteria or the hot bar at Whole Foods, it may be time to try somewhere new.  If you always get takeout, try cooking!  If you tend to make your food at home, treat yourself to a meal out now and again.

8. You’re cooking the same five recipes over and over.

For the first several years of my young adulthood, lunch was ‘salad’ (spinach with some stuff on it) and dinner was either something involving ground meat, or a casserole involving cream of mushroom soup.  I never branched beyond my comfort zone, largely due to a fear of having to learn a method of cooking meat that wasn’t mushing it up in a hot skillet til nothing was pink anymore.  If this sounds like you, ask a relative whose cooking you love or a foodie friend to teach you a new recipe.  If you don’t have any of those, ask your friends The Internet or The Food Network and they’ll be happy to show you how to whip up something new.

9 Your friends can predict your restaurant orders.

“You’re going to order whichever entrée has truffle oil and whichever dessert has salted caramel.”  Well, excuse me for knowing what foods are awesome and wanting to eat them always.  Still, I recognize I might find new delicious food if I were willing to branch out beyond my usual.

10. You can’t tell which takeout containers in the fridge are fresh and which are old, because they all contain the same thing.

Is this the pad thai from this week, or last week, or last month?  Time to play food poisoning roulette!  Yes, you can start labeling your containers with dates, but you could also try the green curry instead.

Food ruts can happen to anyone, but there are definitely ways out.  That said, if you’re in a food rut you love, then carry on. Just make sure it’s not one of those college student ‘all ramen‘ ruts that puts you at risk for scurvy.

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