10 Royal Accessories to Help You Celebrate National Princess Week in StyleDiana Denza

When I was a young child, my dress-up days were spent in full princess garb. I owned just about every Ariel-themed product on the market and Disney World was the place where magic lived. A decade and a half later, I haven’t exactly put my obsession to rest, though I do avoid dressing like fairytale characters (most days).

So when I heard that the Walt Disney Company collaborated with the lovely Julie Andrews and Target to create a week that should have existed way before now, I hit the net almost immediately in search of goodies that’ll make you the fairest of them all. The first EVER National Princess week runs from April 22-28.

With that said, here are 10 princess accessories to help you celebrate – in a (mostly) adult way, of course. Whether you’re a Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, an Aurora or an Ariel, here’s what you need to feel like royalty all week long.



I always wished I could emulate the bookish and beautiful Belle. So if you’re wondering how you can be the belle of the ball sans a flowing yellow gown, try these accessories on for size.

River Island Rose Garland Headband ($14.54, asos.com).

Verso Prologue Case Cover for Kindle Fire ($39.99, amazon.com).


Snow White

You’ll be the fairest of them all with this gorgeous mirror and vintage red pin to match. Not even an evil queen could knock these goodies. Plus, you can don them to the premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman in June.

Anna Sui Small Mirror ($28, urbanoutfitters.com).

Red Apple Pin by ‘ART’ ($22, vintagevixen.com).



You’ll leave the ashes behind for a world of royal lace and gorgeous baubles. These pretty pieces will get you started.

 Home By Midnight Ring ($17.99, modcloth.com).

ASOS Lace Gloves ($10.91, asos.com).



Pay homage to the sleeping beauty with a necklace inspired by her tower. Or, if you’re looking to channel the story’s villainess, Maleficent would cackle at the sight of this dark tower ring.

Disney Couture Perfume Vial Tower Necklace ($90, fredflare.com).

Draw the Skyline Ring ($15.99, modcloth.com).



You’ll be fit for a trip under the sea with these shell-inspired accessories. Now go ahead and dive in!

Treasure Shell Earrings ($34.95, coldwatercreek.com).

Touch Ups Victoria White Beaded Clutch ($31.95, shoebuy.com).


Images via Fanpop, Blogspot, DisneyPicture, Blogspot, and LoveRomancePassion


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  1. http://www.polyvore.com/dress_like_disney_princess/collection?id=1518798

    Ok I know this week is over but these are some ways to channel your favourite disney princess (and some other characters) every day, without looking like you forgot you’re not 6 anymore.

  2. “Whether you’re a Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, an Aurora or an Ariel” But if you’re a Jasmine or a Tiana, too bad I guess? Seriously, I’m disappointed you left out any Disney Princesses who aren’t white girls. Especially since those two (and Mulan, though she’s not technically a princess) are probably the most strong-willed and best role models out of the group. But since the whole point of this article is “Buy pretty things!” I guess that’s irrelevant?
    Also, that rose mirror should be a Belle accessory, not a Snow White one, since Belle actually had the mirror that showed the magic rose in it. Sorry, but this whole article is disappointing and shallow.

    • Hi Anji, Disappointing and shallow? I’m sorry you feel that way. First, I used the mirror to represent the evil queen in Snow White’s fascination with looks. The piece was based off my childhood princess favorites, so I’m sorry you didn’t get to see Jasmine or Tiana. The point isn’t simply “buy pretty things”. It’s about a fun celebration of princesses in a way that doesn’t have to give in to the Target hype. I’m sorry you feel so negatively. But you know, you did choose to click on an article that has done exactly what its title said it would.

  3. Nothing make the outfit like a tiara. I love love love my tiaras! EVERY day is a good day to be a Princess. :-)

  4. I’m so excited that it’s princess week! I was an Ariel too! x

  5. Of course you can celebrate this how ever you like…my point was that the people responsible for coming up with this…didn’t do it so that you could all reminisce about watching The Little Mermaid and playing dress up with tiaras….it’s to sell more stuff. I’m just pointing out a fact, not saying that you HAVE to buy something, heck…who says you need celebrate now and only now…they just made it up…you can celebrate being a princess any day…EVERYDAY. Since when do you need Disney and Target to tell you when to do that?

  6. We all are slaves to the retail gods for far sillier reasons, and like stated previously, who says you have to buy stuff to celebrate princess week? Make paper crowns with your niece/daughter/girlfriends, watch Disney movies (or My Little Princess, one of my childhood favs) and revel in the grander dreams that have since been spoiled by rent bills and not-so-prince-charmings. In defense of Disney princesses, their kindness and courage aren’t the worst things to encourage girls to emulate.

  7. you don’t have to buy stuff to celebrate being a princess. i’m having a disney movie marathon, yo.

  8. podemos amarlas u odiarlas debido a muchas razones pero en algún momento de nuestras vidas todas queremos ser princesas

    we can love or hate them for many reasons but the true is that all of us wanted to be a princess sometime in our lives <3

  9. This made me ever so happy… I totally giggled when I saw that horse and carriage ring!

  10. Yay National Princess Week. Where two major corporations team up to get you to buy more of their crap!

    • Say word. There is a lot of lost potential here. Mine is a generation of American women who grew up having disney princesses help shape our gender identities, and calling attention to that resonates with me. So do we use it as an opportunity to talk about what a princess is? Do we have a week of trying new things, or community service, or expressions of self-love? Nope. BUY MOAR CRAP.

    • Buzzkillington