10 [Remember MySpace?] Survey Questions With… Janeane Garofalo

Okay, guys. Seriously. How much do we love this week’s participant?  So. Much.

Everyone has their favorite Janeane Garofalo movie: The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Reality BitesMystery MenWet Hot American Summer… she played a seasoned FBI agent in Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, sarcastic analyst Janis Gold in 24, White House Communication’s Director Louise Thornton in West Wing and Paula on the hilarious Larry Sanders Show. A personal favorite of mine was her role as Mabel Buchman in the series finale of Mad About You. You can also hear this Emmy-nominated actress’ voice in the Disney/Pixar favorite Ratatouille.

Janeane doesn’t use e-mail, and since that’s how I have my interviewees answer the survey questions (literally, what you’ve seen is what I’ve cut and pasted from their responses – we’re too legit to quit around here, people), she was kind enough to answer the questions for me over the phone. So thanks, Janeane!  PS: Everyone, add her to your “people I want to have coffee with” list. Coolest. Person. Ever.

Janeane is in a new film called General Education, about scheming recent high-school graduate and unfairly-earned tennis scholarship recipient Levi Collins, who – unbeknownst to his parents – didn’t quite graduate. Secretly, Levi must attend summer school to earn his missing credits while brushing up on his lackluster tennis game without his parents knowing. It’s in select cities and hit iTunes on August 24th, so make sure you check it out.

Check out Janeane’s website and be sure to watch her comedy special Janeane Garofalo: If You Will.  And now, I present to you:


“10 [Remember MySpace?] Survey Questions With… Janeane Garofalo”


…And my favorite?

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