10 [Remember MySpace?] Survey Questions With… Ingrid Michaelson!

Welcome to the inaugural edition of my new series 10 [Remember MySpace?] Survey Questions With…!

Remember MySpace? Developed on the heels of Friendster, yet before Facebook – the time when Twitter was nothing but a twinkle in the Interwebs’ eye. It brings back so many memories: 2003. New episodes of Friends. Enormous computers used to view MySpace profiles. Defining our emotions with pre-emoji emoticons for all to see. Late nights spent scanning our Comments hoping to find someone had posted a MySpace Survey: the MySpace golden ticket. They were like an icebreaker for the entire world. One hundred questions, pleading for our innermost mundane G-rated secrets, like: “What color socks are you wearing right now?” (a: no socks) and “What is your favorite board game?” (a: running charades). One of the first memes, the surveys made their way to e-mail inboxes everywhere: back then, I’d spill my guts to anyone who will listen (note: I still will). Sadly, all of MySpace Tom’s friends slowly began migrating to other social networking sites, and though MySpace got a pretty fantastic facelift with a whole new crop of loving, surveys have been long since buried in the archived pages of the Internet.

But guess what, people? Fear not! I am bringing them back. Yes, I have hand-selected a smattering of my favorite random MySpace Survey questions and each week-ish (yes, “ish”), my quest will be to present to you ten G-rated secrets revealed by your favorite actors and actresses, musicians, athletes, politicians, authors… you name ‘em and I’ll do my best to track their answers down.

Our first incredibly talented participant is singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson. She sings, she writes, she plays piano, she plays guitar, she’s a ukelele master and she tours like a madwoman. Michaelson began recording her own music in 2002 promoting her first two albums through MySpace (you know she’s seen her share of MySpace surveys). Five albums later, Ingrid is selling out venues left and right in MINUTES. If you’ve never been to an Ingrid Michaelson concert, put it on your list. Besides the fact her music is da bomb, her rapport with the audience is second to none. The girl is at home on stage. Her recent concert at Terminal 5 in NYC was my favorite concert of the year thus far, hands down (actually, my hands were up for most of it).

In conjunction with her hit song “Blood Brothers” off her most recent album Human Again, Ingrid recently joined forces with VH1 and the VH1 Save The Music Foundation for the We Are All “Blood Brothers” Contest. From now until October 1st, middle and high school music groups are invited to record a video version covering “Blood Brothers” and submit it to Vh1 Save The Music’s “Blood Brothers”. Videos will be voted on by the public with finalists selected by October 8th and a Grand Prize winner announced by Ingrid from her Orlando, FL show on October 15th. The Grand Prize winner will receive a performance from Ingrid at their school during the 2012-2013 school year and a new Yamaha keyboard for their music program. So, to the <18 kids reading this, get singing with your school. I’ll just sit here being jealous that you have this chance while thinking about the depressing prospect of my upcoming 15 year high school reunion.

The lovely Ms. Michaelson starts her Acoustic Fall Tour on September 30th in Ann Arbor. If she hits your town, do yourself a favor and buy tickets, check out her website at: www.ingridmichaelson.com, and follow her on Twitter or on Facebook.

And now, I present to you:

 10 (Remember MySpace?) Questions With… Ingrid Michaelson


Image by Pamela Litky via Ingrid Michaelson

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