10 Reasons the World is a Better Place Because of Adele

With Lorde and other new artists dominating the entertainment world, it seems like forever since Adele rocked the music industry as the next big thing. However, just because we have fresh artists and talent doesn’t mean our old favorites aren’t up to anything cool. In fact, the British “Rollin’ in the Deep” crooner turns 26 today, and she’ll be able to say she’s accomplished so much already during her short time in the spotlight (and on earth!). The mother of one has several Grammys, an extraordinary voice and lots of interesting opinions, so in honor of her birthday, here are 10 reasons Adele is a true gift to humankind.

10. “Someone Like You”

I’m sorry, but who wouldn’t appreciate this tune? Better yet, who here doesn’t cry to this song? Whether you’re happily in love or heartbroken, it can always get to you because we all know the pain of being rejected and swiftly replaced. Adele articulates it well in this devastating song.

9. She has 10 Grammys

Not bad for a girl who hasn’t been famous for very long!

8. And she received her 10th Grammy from the comforts of her home

Though many celebrities doll themselves up for big awards ceremonies, Adele didn’t bother going to the 2014 Grammys. She was at home in bed when she landed her tenth Grammy, so she tweeted to fans, “Wish I was there! Thank you for the grammy! (My 10th one! Whhaaa?) Have a wonderful night. I’m in bed, now feeling very restless x.” Why didn’t she just go to the gathering to accept the accolade? Because she’s Adele, and she doesn’t need to make an appearance to be recognized for her amazing pipes.

7. She won’t let the media pit her against anyone, even Chris Brown

When it comes to huge events with dozens of A-listers, the Internet likes to orchestrate conflict. At the 2013 Grammys, what appeared to be a snapshot of Adele arguing with Chris Brown circulated online and prompted rumors that she had told the rapper off during the major televised affair. Adele later tweeted that this wasn’t the case, “Chris Brown and I were complimenting each other in that photo, actually.” Regardless of your thoughts on Chris Brown, Adele isn’t about to let the news cycle put words in her mouth.

6. She’s got an Oscar, too

At the 2013 Academy Awards, Adele took home an Oscar for “Skyfall.” The following year, she received her 10th Grammy, so she’s been on a roll for a while.

5. She’s extremely philanthropic

Adele has performed in numerous charity concerts and donated for good causes. In 2011, she donated autographed memorabilia for MusiCares auctions and reportedly required all backstage pass visitors who received complimentary tickets to contribute at least $20 to SANDS (Stillborn And Neonatal Death Charity). Jezebel reports that these donations brought in $13,000 for the charity in 2011.

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