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10 Reasons Why I Should Probably Get A Rolex

Anyone who listens to our podcast from the Heatley Cliff knows that I have a great love (bordering on obsession) for clocks. This is most especially true for my own Art Deco grandfather clock that chimes four times an hour, which could be terribly annoying but is instead quite soothing and brings a little bit of modern manor living into my own home.

I own two watches, both purchased from a department store, and they are lovely. They are nice, functional, versatile and… nice. But what I really want is a Rolex. There, I said it. It’s silly, of course, because they are super expensive and I have three kids and the cost of of a Rolex would cover (almost) a year’s college tuition. I know this, but that doesn’t stop the following conversation I have with myself each time I see one all gleaming and gorgeous in a window.

  1. Rolex watches are expensive for a reason. The mechanics inside one of these beauties is like, insane. I’m trying to think of something super mechanical and complex like a jet or a car,  but I am fairly sure that it’s more detailed than even those things. The point is, they aren’t trying to rip anyone off. It costs thousands just to make a single one. I’m surprised they even make a profit! (not really, that last part is a little much, even for me.)
  2. It looks amazing on my wrist.
  3. A Rolex is so incredibly precise I will probably never be late, ever again.
  4. A Rolex is luxurious but not frivolous. Of course, there are the models with diamonds and blingity bling bling, but you know, I’m modest – I would just like a plain one.
  5. It will also tell you the date! And the day!
  6. It’s because of Rolex (and okay, Cartier, too, if you’re being technical) that there are even wrist watches to begin with. For men, I mean. Rolex’s visionary founder Whihelm Wildorf had a feeling that the pocket watch would go the way of the dinosaur and so he began to manufacture men’s wristwatches even when the notion of wearing one was a little pansy-ish. He made them cool. What a legacy! They really deserve thousands of dollars of my money for being so clever even though, okay, I am a woman and wrist watches were designed for women. Huh, I’m still working on this particular argument.
  7. This is something I can pass down to my children, and my grandchildren and great grandchildren. It could be potentially used by members of my family for hundreds of years – so talk about value for money. For me personally, it’s like, pennies a day, really.
  8. Rolex was the first company to make a water tight seal. I like swimming. No, that’s a lie, I’m sorry. I don’t like swimming. I do one lap and I want to pass out. But I like the idea of going swimming.
  9. A Rolex will never go out of style. It goes with everything. I would use it until I die (read reason 7 again for further examples of good value).
  10. If there ever is an apocalypse, I could trade it for really great supplies.

I could go on, I would go on, but there is no Rolex on my wrist. So clearly, I haven’t yet thought of an argument good enough to stupify my better judgement. That doesn’t mean I  am going to stop trying, though!

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