10 Reasons Why Guys Should Watch True Blood

Let’s face it, True Blood‘s premise doesn’t get a guy’s blood flowing (pun intended). However, for many guys – myself included – all it took was a little convincing and a mini-marathon filled with gut-wrenching cliffhangers and I was hooked.

To help you with that little bit of convincing, I’ve compiled the following list of reasons to get your guy glued to True Blood.

1. Sookie Stackhouse: At first glance, Anna Paquin might not appear to be the most ‘lusted-after’ celebrity. But believe me, in her many, many love scenes you’ll start to question why they hadn’t named her Sookie “stacked-house.” The girls got a body on her that could de-fang a vampire.

2. The Violence: I don’t think one character in the series has walked away from a brawl unscathed. Whether it’s Bill with Eric, Sookie with resident vamp drainers or Jason with just about everyone else, it’s very rare that an episode goes by without some sort of physical altercation.

3. The Theme Song: It’s the best. Give it a listen: Jace Everett – Bad Things.

4. For Conversation: Monday mornings at work are often spent gushing over last night’s episode – or trying to figure out what’s going on with this fairy plot line they’ve started.

5. It’s Not Reality TV: Oh no, True Blood will not feature Botoxed blondes fighting over the last piece of Orange County real estate, yanking each other’s extensions while punching recently treated lips.  Instead, guys can watch the fangs and fur fly while just about every male in the series fights for Sookie’s affection.

6. A Solid Time Slot: What better way to get a guy watching than to say, “Come over before Entourage and we can hang out?” (True Blood’s at 9, Entourage is at 10 starting at the end of July). Yeah this is a bit of a trick, but I’d fall for it.

7. It’s NOT Twilight: Nope, no glitter here. In True Blood, if a vamp steps foot near sunlight he is either barbecued to a charcoal-y mess or explodes like a human Gusher.

8. It’s Not Hokey: While some vampire clichés still hold true, True Blood‘s take on the vampire doesn’t read cheesy or trite. Example: They can’t turn into bats nor do they don heavy widow’s peaks.

9. The Effects: Be it a puss-infected maenad wound or a vampire draining his human juice box, the series’ special effects are often top-notch and eerily convincing.

10. It’s HBO: No commercials, no censoring, no more to be said.

Image via entertainmentwallpapers.net

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