Things That Make Me Nervous

10 Reasons This Column Makes Me Nervous

Hi, my name is Nicole and I am an over-thinker. You all just replied, “Hi, Nicole”, right? Right. An overthinker is a person who overthinks (duh). We figure out how a relationship will end before it begins. We take that one thing you casually said in a conversation and analyze it for weeks. We rehearse our takeout orders and create backup plans for our backup plans. We have trouble “letting things go” and “going with the flow”. Therefore, we tend to be a somewhat nervous people.

I, myself, am made nervous by many things. I’ve spent the past week trying to decide where to start. I wanted my first piece to be something relatable, but light. A good example of what the column will be, but somewhat introductory. Finally, after a long brainstorming session with a friend, she said, “This column makes you nervous.” And I was like, “Yes! Yes it does!” So friends, this is where we start. Here are the reasons why this column makes me nervous:

1. Decisions Are Hard

I struggle with decisions, particularly permanent ones. I have a minor panic attack every time I book a flight, because once I click “confirm”, there’s no turning back. Similarly, once I click “submit” on a post, it’s out there forever. Every decision I make regarding this column is permanent and that’s a bit scary. Speaking of scary. . .

.2. New Is Scary

New is scary, because it’s filled with uncertainty. I have no idea how this column will turn out or how it will be received. Though, like the wise (fictional) editor of (also fictional) once said (on an episode of Girls), “This is your comfort zone, and this is where the magic happens.” You can’t see the diagram, but the magic is happening outside of the comfort zone. While I by no means expect any kind of “magic” to happen in this column (I’m no Hermione Granger), I agree with the sentiment. So, let’s get uncomfortable!

3. People Will Think I’m Crazy

I am putting my weird thoughts and feelings out there for the internet to feast on. While I hope some of you will be like, “Omigod girl, me too!” I know some of you will be like, “Pshh, you crazy!” As a strong independent woman, I know I am not supposed to care about what other people think, but I do. I care. So, suck on that! Ay-yi-yi-yi-yay! (Trust falls into the crowd.)

4. Hateful Internet Trolls

Have you read some of the things people write in comments sections? People on the internet are mean! Though, they also have terrible grammar and nothing negates an opinion like poor grammar. So, if you’re going to personally attack me in the comments section of this thing, at least have the decency to screw up “your” and “you’re”, okay?

5. Typos

Typos happen. I hate them, but they happen. There is probably one in this post. I won’t notice it until it’s already posted and it will haunt me forever, like that one time I spelled Retta’s name wrong.

6. Accidentally Offending Someone

There is no reason this column should ever offend anyone, but that doesn’t mean it won’t. If I were to write a post about how spiders make me nervous, you know there’s a tarantula breeder out there who will find it personally offensive to his way of life. It’s going to happen. It’s unavoidable, but it still makes me nervous because who wants to be on the shit list of a tarantula breeder?

7.  Accidentally Plagiarizing Someone

I read a lot. I am, of course, referring to tweets, Facebook statuses and other articles on HelloGiggles. I read so many words in a day, I don’t always remember reading all of them or where they came from. I fear one day I will mistake something I read as my own original thought and accidentally plagiarize someone. If teen dramas have taught me anything, it’s that plagiarism is a serious offense and my parents will kill me if I get kicked out of school. While we’re on parents. . .

8. My Mom Is Going To Read This

And subsequently post it to her Facebook page. Soon enough, everyone I’ve ever met will have seen it. I’m the kind of person who would rather give a speech to a room full of strangers than people I know. It’s nerve-wracking that people I interact with on a daily basis are reading these things I write, forming opinions on me based on them and perhaps discussing them in my absence. I guess it’s unavoidable, though. So. . . shout out to all of mom’s yoga buddies! Killer downward dog.

9. Coming Up With Ten Things Each Week

I’ve designed the column so that each week I will list ten reasons why something makes me nervous. That means, for the sake of continuity and my OCD, I will need to come up with ten things each week. This makes me nervous because what if I can only come up with eight or nine reasons why something makes me nervous? Will I have to scrap the entire piece? Will it throw the universe into chaos? What then?

10. I Only Came Up With Nine

I guess we’ll all survive.

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  • Kerry Winfrey

    From one over-thinker to another…I feel you, girl! I’m SO afraid of the accidental plagiarism thing. Also my over-thinking is the reason why I always look up restaurant menus before I go out to eat, so I can sort through all my possible options and weigh the pros and cons of each meal in the comfort of my own home.

    • Nicole Paulhus

      YES! Also, I loooved your Traveling Pants piece. It’s one of my favorite series!

  • Bonnie Paulhus

    Glad to see your back!!! Loved and and hopefully all my yoga buddies do to!!!
    Love, MOM

    • Nicole Paulhus

      I know it wasn’t intentional, but I appreciate you screwing up “your” and “you’re” in this comment. It’s comedic brilliance.

  • Manon van Schijndel

    I just diagnosed myself with “overthinking”. It’s scary how I relate to everything on this list!

  • Jena Prats

    your great.

    hateful internet troll.

  • Jennifer Betancourt

    I love this column! I’m glad I am not the only “over-thinker.” It kills me sometimes the thoughts we over-thinkers go through before making a decision.

  • Caitlin S Griffin

    This is my life on the daily. I’m the de facto organizer for group outings (90% of the time only because I’m the one who says “let’s do [THING]” instead of “let’s do something” because I like having a plan to stick to. Lists for packing for trips, outfits planned in advance for the week’s events, and that’s before I have to write anything at all for work on Facebook or our blog. Thanks for putting this all so succinctly and for the solidarity that’s sure to come out of it!

  • Mara Meier

    bam. not that much of an over-thinker myself, more of a dive-right- into -something-without -thinking whatsoever…. but i´ll take this column to kind of start thinking. btw, it´s very entertaining, seriously. i enjoyed it a lot. thanks.

  • Gina Theofanoudi

    Hello Nicole! I’m so happy you wrote this column! This happens because I’m with the “Omigod girl, me too!” team! It really makes me feel a lot better to know that other people get as nervous as I get under many circumstances. Thank you for that! =)

  • Rosario Borbolla

    OMG You’re my alter ego!!

  • Josien Hoeben

    Hello, this is so me. Can you read minds?

  • Elien Wille

    Just like most comments underneath this great piece of writing, this one has the sentence ‘You are just like me!’. I’m looking forward to many a list of things that make you nervous, so I will be happy about everything that makes both of us nervous, since then I won’t be alone. But I will also be happy whenever there is something that makes you nervous and doesn’t have any effect on me, because then I’ll be more ‘normal’ than someone. Keep on writing, Nicole!

  • Rachel Barth

    Oh man, I’m with you on…everything. I’ve always thought of myself as really indecisive (which I am), but I think a lot of it is me being unable to make decisions because I’m always overthinking them. Thanks for the great read!

  • Annie Whatsername

    I think I have not read something SO MUCH related to me in a while!!! Nervous me knows exactly well what you mean!

  • Snizz Ateone

    ha,,, over thinker,, my empathy, and compassion,
    ( delete this post please )
    If you ever need a 10 things idea, I am sure I can come up with many
    10 best things about Valentines
    10 worst things about Valentines
    10 best(/worst) things about a long weekend.

  • Julia Kubke

    Yaaayy…I’m not the only one!!!
    My friend just asks me if a have an alter ego and write columns on hellogiggles 😀

  • Tina Detchon

    “Ay-yi-yi-yi-yay! (Trust falls into the crowd.)” Your brilliant and I love this article!!!! Especially feeling less alone on this one: “We figure out how a relationship will end before it begins. ” I’m so psyched you write for HelloGiggles! Can’t wait for the next article (just helping up your nervousness for the writing the next one muah ah ah!)

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