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10 Reasons I Wish Don Draper Was My Boyfriend

Obviously there are a few intrinsic problems with wanting to pursue Don Draper as a romantic interest. For one thing, it’s not 1961 anymore so he’s probably about eighty by now, which is a bit too much of an age gap for my liking. And for another, lest we forget, Don Draper is sadly a fictional character. But somehow, neither of those things serve to make him any less desirable to me. And okay, the whole cheating on his wife and (spoiler alert) lying to everyone about his real identity might be considered by some a bit of a turn-off but for me, the mystery and bad behaviour are all part of his charm.

1.) I mean, come on – have you seen him!?

Far be it for me to come across as shallow but my goodness, Don Draper is good-looking. To quote the almighty Liz Lemon, I want to go to there. I want to go to there a lot. I don’t know if it’s the slicked back hair, the piercing eyes, the permanent 5 o’clock shadow or the fact that he looks so damn good in a suit (I suspect it’s a devastating combination of all those things), but dude is hot – who doesn’t want a boyfriend that looks like that?

2.) He’s good with words.

A man that can articulate himself is sexy. And what’s even better is that Don comes up with advertising slogans for a living so he’s concise, too. Unlike me who is about to waffle on for at least 500 words about how much I love a fictitious character.

3.) Strong and silent.

Leading on from my last point because I realised I didn’t actually have 10 separate reasons, Don is a man of few words. I like that because it gives me more time to talk and there’s less chance we’ll disagree about stuff. He’ll just bottle it all up until we have a big old row and then some hot make-up sex. Don’t worry Don, when we’re together I’ll do enough talking for both of us.

4.) The gifts…

Wanna go to the fanciest restaurant in New York for Valentine’s Day before retiring to a luxury hotel suite? Don will take you. Feeling a bit sad because you’re stuck at home all day? Don’t worry, here’s a diamond bracelet. Fancy a trip to Italy? Just hop aboard the Draper Express, honey. I could definitely be down with all those material goods. I mean sure, most of the time they’re because he’s feeling horribly guilty about his philandering and the fact that he’s not really Don Draper at all but who cares, look at all the shiny things he bought me!

5.) A dry sense of humour and a massive ego.

I like sarcasm and arrogance. Mr Draper has both of those things in spades. Killer one-liners and observational humour and an unfailing sense of his own importance (I mean, wouldn’t you be cocky if you looked like that? I know I would.) make him completely irresistible to me.

6.) He understands the importance of day-drinking.

Have you ever been in the office at 11 on a Monday morning and thought to yourself, “I already need a stiff drink”? I have. And so has Don Draper. The only difference is that whereas I just sit it out until quitting time, Don Draper can sashay right on over to his in-office minibar and fix himself something alcoholic and refreshing. Celebrating? Commiserating? Just plain bored? Don is the go-to man for all your day-drinking needs. If he was my boyfriend, it would be rude not to have a few gins at lunchtime… or earlier.

7.) The guy knows a good cocktail.

Similar, but distinctly separate from the last point. Whilst drinking during office hours is generally confined to straight spirits (quicker to pour), at the weekend, Don likes to kick back with a nice cocktail and he’s even trained his young daughter to prepare them for him to perfection! Since I love cocktails, Sally seems pretty cool and I’ve secretly always wanted a child butler, I feel Mr Draper and I would be perfectly suited to each other. It’s fate!

8.) Women seem to enjoy his company.

I’m not gonna get too explicit with this one – you all know what I’m talking about. He’s got plenty of experience in that area and Betty always looks like she’s having a pretty good time, anyway.

9.) The bitching car.

I’m not really a car person but that 1962 Cadillac Coupe De Ville he drives around seems pretty sweet. I mean, I’d be excited if I saw one now for sure. And it was just as popular with the ladies back in the day, if Don’s anything to go by. Probably because it cost mega-bucks in 1962 money. Women looooove a status symbol.

10.) That sexy, sexy voice.

All the smoking and drinking means he’s probably going to die really young of like emphysema or  cirrhosis of the liver but it’s left him with that smouldering deep and low voice that I love so much. Can’t you just imagine him whispering sweet nothings to you? I’m just going to leave you with that thought…


Liberty-Belle is a remarkably average human being currently living in Leeds, in the UK. She enjoys all the finer things in life, such as cupcakes, burritos and TV. You can read more of her random musings on the latter at Minudrome or follow her on Twitter @fadefromblack.

  • Julia Hays

    I find it hilarious that two of these reasons are alcohol-related, but anyway, I was shocked that you were able to narrow this article down to just 10 reasons!

    • Liberty-Belle Howard

      Alcohol seems to play a big part in Don Draper’s life so I thought it should be well represented! And I’m sure I could have come up with at least 50 more reasons but that would have made for rather long reading.

  • Mallory Megan Kahl

    You know when you read something and you’ve been feeling exactly the same way for a few weeks…this is me and this article…if facebook statuses or tweets are a key to anything….”My lust for Don Draper may be getting out of control.” Sunday at 10:14pm via mobile….”Drinking a #bloodymary that’s so good I want to #bloodymarryit” @mallorymegan 14 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
    Thank you for this, I feel a bit more normal now.

  • Erika Lancaster

    HhahAhAHHAha! Amazing.

  • Jonna Isaac

    I’m am fascinated by Don Draper just as much as the next Mad Men fan, but Don Draper as your boyfriend?! I think you could make a list of twice as many reasons that he would be a terrible boyfriend– unless you like being lied to and cheated on. Oh and let’s not forget the way he talks down to some of his secretaries and his ex-wife (yes, she is an idiot, but still!). 1960’s or not, lusting after Don Draper should not be encouraged– Jon Hamm however, that is A-OK. I think this post belongs on this week’s Hello Giggles Misogynist Soup!!

    • Liberty-Belle Howard

      I guess my humour was a little dry but I’d like to assure you that I’m not encouraging lusting over Don Draper, it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek!

  • Annie Lambert

    I think this article is awesome, and is not meant to be taken seriously (ahempersonaboveme). I’ve never watched more than about 2 episodes of Mad Men, but this has me wanting to catch up!

    • Jonna Isaac

      Yes, I know it’s not meant to be taken entirely seriously, but just wait until you’ve seen more than 2 episodes (and you should, it’s a fantastic show, and on netflix instant watch!), glamorizing a relationship with him is a little scary— he can be really horrible sometimes. I don’t mean to be a troll, just a little friendly discussion : )

  • Laura E

    omg finally someone wrote about what I truly think is the sexiest man on TV these days !! I couldn’t agree with you more, Don Draper I love you !! <3

  • Robert Zeigler

    No offense…but (don’t ya’ just love when someone starts a sentence that way;). You seem to crave Don Draper when Dick Whitman is (clearly) the better choice. Must be a male/female – fantasy/reality thing. Or maybe I’m just old & out of touch.☺ Fun Article!

  • Amy Danielle

    Did he not cheat on January Jones though? (I’ve only seen two episodes, I don’t know her name)

  • Bonnie Birdsell Williams

    I’ve been reading a Jackie Kennedy biography and now I’m just convinced all men of that era are like that. Behave, gentlemen of the sixties! You are sharp and dapper and we want to love you, but you are also chauvinistic and, well, non-exclusively libidinous. I tend to chastise Don Draper during episodes…”Don Draper, don’t you dare!” “Don Draper, why are you trying to ruin everything?”

    That said, Jon Hamm is a fine looking man.

  • Joy Hoffmann

    Don Draper is a wife’s nightmare!! I like the way Bonnie just put it, I often find myself yelling, “Stop it Don! Go home.. why are you acting like this??” The women in my office all discuss Mad Men and we agree that albeit swoon worthy, Don Draper’s a trainwreck.

  • Tara Seprita Supono

    right now I work in advertising agency..oh how I wish I have sexy boss like Don Draper

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