FRESH GIGGLES 10 Reasons I Am Glad School Is Out / Best Things About Summer Joanne Davenport

  1. Sleep: Hallelujah! I can now stay up well into the night and not have to worry about waking up at 7am! Well, I did that sometimes anyway but I would wake up with dark circles, so I prefer not to. Recently I stayed up until 3am and woke up at 1:15pm the following day!  Sleep is totally my favorite thing about school being out.
  2. Food: Gross. Ew. School food (*vomits in mouth*) is the WORST food I have ever eaten. (I know I can make my food but I’m too lazy to in the morning). The meat is so fake and I have to eat the same thing for 9 months! I could NOT wait to get out of school to have my first yummy, at-home lunch!
  3. My peers: My annoying peers that I am forced to see at 8am on a horrid Monday morning. I mean, I love most of them but really, its 9 months, 8 hours a day. If you are with people you don’t like, you REALLY don’t like them. I am sorry if I’m insulting to you but I know I get on your nerves as much as you get on mine.
  4. No Homework/tests: That annoying thing you have to do when you get home from an 8-hour day at school. UGH. I could be using that time to hang out with friends, sleep or do anything but homework but instead I have to study for annoying Latin or Civil War tests.
  5. No Teachers: The other adults in your life telling you what to do, where you have to sit (if you’re the bad class where s/he has to assign seating), what to learn and to stop running through the halls. I mean, after all, they ARE the ones who assign the homework and make us watch boring films, why NOT be happy to get away from them?
  6. The Beach: The nice (not-so-nice place if you live in Santa Monica) warm place where all the kids hang out and where you can surf, play, have fun and tan! There are also some beaches where cool venders hang out and you can get some pretty cool things as well.
  7. Camp: Not everyone goes to camp but a lot of kids do. You can hang out, meet new people and experience new things, whether it’s a science camp or an outdoors-y camp where you hike and swim and do things like that. The best part is that you can do day camps or over-night camps!
  8. Social Time: Not stupid school time but fun times when you hang out and do each others nails or go shopping or go somewhere fun. You get to have a social life other than school! You also can go out sometimes and go to lunch or go to an amusement or water park! You can stay up late and watch horror movies and sleep in as late as you want!
  9. Boys: Now I am not talking about spending time with boys, I am talking about the time where they mature and come back to school less, well, how can I put this nicely, idiotic! This is a period where they can get all there little video game annoyingness out and their stupid “that’s what she said” jokes all out of their system and come back to school, a little more, normal.
  10. Seeing People: Summer is a time when family comes to visit or you see friends who you don’t go to school with or you go to visit family or friends! Most of the time summer is a big opportunity to visit/be visited by people you don’t necessarily get the opportunity to see during the school year!

Have a FUN Summer!

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  2. #11 Night Swimming :)

  3. sorry – in #7: you’re should be your. I didn’t proofread – I’m in summer mode.

  4. 10 Reasons I’m Glad School is Out (from a teacher’s point of view)

    1. Sleep! No more getting up at 5:15 to get ready to educate young minds. I now enjoy my Sunday nights.
    2. Food: I teach in a high school, and have NEVER eaten a school lunch – mainly because I don’t have time to make it to the caf and back in time for my next class. I’m so happy to be able to eat my lunch WHEN I want, and WHERE I want.
    3. My Peers: I love most of my fellow teachers, and keep in touch with my faves over the summer. I don’t miss administration.
    4. No papers to grade. We have homework, as well.
    5. No students! Having a group of 20+ teenagers all in one room who don’t want to be there (for the most part) can be the 7th layer of Hell. And don’t get me started about the pervasive lack of respect.
    6. The Beach: Total relaxation time – with adult beverages.
    7. Camp: Totally wonderful when you’re personal kids go there and let you do relaxing things while they’re gone. Like adult beverages.
    8. Social Time: With people who talk about something other than students, other teachers, and adminstration.
    9. Boys! I can spend more quality time with my husband.
    10. Seeing People: other than students. I don’t live in the district where I teach, ’cause I don’t want to see you guys in the WalMart.

    Amazing to realize that we’re not so different from our students! Have a GREAT summer – I know I will!