Things That Make Me Nervous

10 Reasons Going To The Doctor Makes Me Nervous

Last week I got the flu. I had a pretty high fever, chills, body aches… the works. So, at the request of both my mother and WebMD, I went to the doctor. I hate going to the doctor. The whole experience makes me nervous. Why, you ask? Let me tell you!

1. I Could Run Into Someone I Know

When I’m sick, all I want are sweatpants and giant t-shirts. I don’t want to put on a bra or comb my hair or squeeze into a pair of jeans. I’m not a particularly vain person, but I’d prefer for people not to see me at my worst. No one needs that image.

2. Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms are full of sick people coughing, sneezing and spreading germs. There is always some chatty person who’s too nice to be rude to, but who I really don’t want to talk to when my head is about to explode. Not to mention, the crappy magazines and seemingly endless parade of people who arrive after me and are called in before me. Waiting rooms are awful. In fact, I’m pretty sure hell is just one big waiting room.

3. Being Touched By Strangers

I don’t like to be touched, especially by strangers. This includes doctors and nurses, particularly those with freezing hands. It’s just uncomfortable and awkward and I’m not a fan.

4. What’s This Going To Cost Me?

I only go to a doctor for two reasons: to get drugs or to get tested for something. If I don’t think I need medicine or some kind of test, I’d rather stay in bed. The thing is, I never know how much these things are going to run me. The flu medicine I got last week was $50. That’s a significant amount of money that I would rather spend on six months of Netflix or ten soy vanilla lattes.

5. I Don’t Know When My Last Period Was

I understand the more information a doctor has, the easier it is for him or her to do their job. However, I feel as though some of the questions on the nurse’s questionnaire are too tricky. Do people really know the exact dates of their last period? Do you all keep period calendars like TV characters? Is there an app for that?

6. Feeling Judged

I always feel as though doctors and nurses are judging me. The disappointment on their faces when they have to check “zero” underneath “How many times a week do you exercise?” is too much to handle. I’m already feeling crappy, I don’t need your eye rolls.

7. Blood Tests

I hate blood tests. They make me light headed and dizzy. If I’m going to go through the uncomfortable process of giving blood, I’d rather it be donated. At least then I know that it’s being used to help people, rather than just run through a machine and thrown away. Also, cookies!

8. The Doctor Will Think I’m Faking

When I was little, my parents tried to send me to school with Scarlet Fever because they thought I was faking. I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, so it wasn’t entirely unfounded. However, the trauma has stuck with me. It’s a major concern of mine that a doctor will think I’m faking and not treat me appropriately, which will inevitably lead to my slow and painful death. Speaking of death…

9. What If I Have Something Awful?

We’ve all heard stories about people who go to the doctor for a routine physical and leave with a death sentence. This is a pretty big concern of mine. WebMD is a huge perpetuator of this fear, given that no matter which symptoms I select, it always suggests that I have a brain tumor. On the flip side…

10. What If They Misdiagnose Me?

I’ve seen enough episodes of House to know that life-threatening diseases aren’t always easy to diagnose. What if I’m presenting with all the symptoms of the flu, but am actually dying of Ebola? I’m too young to die of Ebola. There’s so much I still have to do with my life, like get married and see the Grand Canyon.

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  • Eve Williams

    Oddly enough, there is an app for that (on Android anyway) called MyDays.

  • Lauren Nicole

    Tell me about it! I’m always scared they think I’m faking it. This past week I was having trouble with my shoulder and was too scared to go in because I mean it was just a small thing, right? A little shoulder pain never hurt anyone. It was dislocated. Even THEN I was nervous going.

    • Nicole Paulhus

      I once got accused of faking a dislocated elbow! It’s nuts!

      • Katy Littlejohn


  • Gina Morris Stinson

    I agree with every single thing you listed. I despise going to the doctor!

  • Davies Rushing

    I have a chronic illness and it took years to diagnose because of misdiagnosis and I was accused of faking. I hate going to the doctor!

  • Jamie Justice Yost

    Doctors are evil in a white coat. My blood pressure is always sky-high when they take it because I detest even being there (mainly for all of the reasons you’ve listed here!) I don’t like people I know touching me and when some dude in a white coat is all, “does it hurt when I push here?” it creeps me out. And I have an app for the period thing, but then I have to pull out my phone when they ask me the question and I feel like they’re judging me for not remembering the things that happen to my own body each and every month. ARGHH!! So glad someone feels the same way.

  • Jenny Lee

    I track my period with the app “My Days”. Totally prepared when the nurses ask about my period. :)

  • Sarah Williams

    Oh my goodness, you sound just like me!!! And I do my best to stay off WebMD. It’s always telling me I’m possibly having a heart attack, stroke, or some other emergency situation. If I went to the doctor every time WebMD told me to, I would never leave.

    My doctor just irritates me. I’m on birth control to stop my period. Every time…”when was your last period”….”uh, maybe 3 years ago”. Shock, horror, OMG something is wrong. Look at notes, oh yes, birth control *scribble scribble* Never mind I was there 2 days ago and we went over this.

    The touching part is likely the worst. I hug my parents. My few best friends I’ll hug happily. And my boyfriend can touch me. Otherwise, hands off. LOL.

  • Susan Costa Galvin

    Ok. I’m a doctor. We’re not all judgmental, prying, insensitive money grubbers. I love taking care of people and trying to make them feel better, thoughi know there have been plenty of bad experiences out there. Just sayin’.

    • Nicole Paulhus

      Oh no! I didn’t mean to offend. I actually really love my current doctor. She’s fantastic and very understanding. I’m just a naturally nervous person, so most of my fear comes from my own overthinking!

  • Katy Littlejohn

    There totally is an app for that.

  • Holly Cline

    I was misdiagnosed for years, given pills that made the problem worse, and even had one doctor who blamed everything either on me being obese or having allergies. I now (nearly exclusively) go to nurse practitioners. While it doesn’t get rid of the people touching you, and some of the silly questions, I find that they listen better and have a kinder bedside manner (and I feel less judged). Also, they’re generally more available last minute than most doctors I’ve ever had. I was the same with the period question, but now I’m on continuous birth control. It’s hilarious to watch their faces when you say “My last period? 2005, I think?”

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