10 Reasons to Break Up with Your Makeup

7. No need to worry about makeup expiring

While we all keep our makeup for too long, we’re really supposed to toss products long before we do. For example, mascara should be thrown away every 2 or 3 months. Without makeup, there is no need to worry about looking like Pink Eyed Pete on account of some old makeup.

8. Lipstick on your teeth – not on my watch

Without makeup, we will forever avoid two awkward moments. Having lipstick on our teeth and having to tell someone they have lipstick on their teeth – I honestly don’t know which is worse. You never want to be that person who makes a big toothy grin with a smear of pink or red across their teeth, but I also don’t always feel like telling people that they have some on their teeth. I know I should, it’s just sensitive. However, if you’re Miss Geist from Clueless, it’s kind of endearing.

9. Treat yo skin

Not wearing makeup, doesn’t mean we can’t pamper our skin once in a while. Why not use the extra time and money for a spa treatment once in a while or a DIY mud mask. There are so many great things you can do for your skin to moisturize or exfoliate and give your skin a glow without any makeup involved.

10. Equality in Panem

Without makeup, it will be impossible for the people of the Capitol to make citizens of other districts feel inferior for their lack of cosmetic enhancements. They will no longer be able to hide behind their glitter and dyed hair and purple shadow. The people of the Capitol will simply be known for their corrupt ways and shallow dispositions and with their weaknesses exposed, they will no longer be able to subject their citizens to The Hunger Games. Well, probably not. But that’s just a theory..

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