Solange Knowles recently stepped out in an ensemble that looked like she had forgotten pants. This got us thinking about all of the other singers that have opted to perform on stage without this necessary item of clothing.

From Katy Perry to Lady Gaga, countless female musicians have dared to bare. I could never in a million years have the confidence to pull this off, but I think most of the singers highlighted in today’s gallery can pull it off. It’s just part of their on-stage persona. Check out these 10 musicians who have forgotten their pants. What do you guys think about this look?

  • Ju Li

    I genuinely admire Madonna as a person and artist, but she REALLY needs to rethink her outfits. Of course she’s extremely fit for a woman her age and she wants to show that off – kudos to her – I wish I was half as fit. But looking at her bulging muscles and her body without one tiny ounce of fat, in comparison with that wrinkle-less face: that’s just not pretty anymore (similar case: SJP).
    IMHB she should act her age, put on some pants and ditch the Botox!

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