10 Morning Of Mother's Day Gifts

I’ve never been great with dates. Holidays that fall on the same date every year like Christmas, Halloween and New Years, I can handle. However, when it comes to holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter, which are assigned a day of the week instead of a day of the month, I’m pretty hopeless. As a result, I’ve become pretty good at drumming up last minute gifts. If you’re just waking up and realizing that today is Mother’s Day, never fear. Here are ten quick and easy gifts you can scrape together before brunch.

1. Make a coupon book. Coupon books don’t cost anything, are easy to make and can be very thoughtful. You can create coupons for anything from free hugs to loads of laundry.

2. Write a poem. Be as sappy or sincere as your heart desires. Even a simple acrostic can get the job done.

3. Make a video. If you can’t spend Mother’s Day with your mom, sending a video is a fun way to celebrate with her. It can be as simple as you talking to the camera or as elaborate as a song and dance number. I find the goofier the better.

4. Do that thing she’s been begging you to do forever. Let me preface this by saying that my mother is the kind of woman who puts lipstick on to get the mail. She prefers my hair blonde and begs me to get it highlighted constantly. So three years ago for Mother’s Day I went and got MY hair highlighted. She was thrilled.

5. Cook her favorite meal. As kids, we always made my mom breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. The key here is to make sure that you clean up after yourselves. It sort of takes away from the gesture when your mom walks into the kitchen to find egg splattered everywhere.

6. Donate in her name. If your mom is passionate about a cause or charity it’s a nice gesture to donate in her name. A lot of charities allow you to donate online online  and print out a certificate. This takes about five minutes, helps a cause and makes your mom proud. That’s three birds with one gift!

7. Get crafty. Done correctly a handmade gift can be a big hit. The trick is to strike the right balance between homemade and useless. As a kid I remember making jewelry out of paper for my mother. From a five-year-old that’s cute, from a twenty-five-year-old not so much.

8. A mix CD or playlist. This can either be a trip down memory lane or just a compilation of songs you think she would enjoy. If you’re feeling really ambitious you can combine this gift with an acrostic poem and make a CD where each song begins with one of the letters to “Happy Mother’s Day.” Instant classic.

9. Plan a fun activity. Once you hit a certain age it’s not cool to hang with your mom. Yet, on Mother’s Day it’s not only acceptable, but encouraged. Spend the day with your mom. Do something she enjoys even if it’s torturous to you. It’s her day. Let her have it.

10. Future gift. A “future gift” is a gift that your mom can’t currently have, but will get sometime in the near future. The best kind of future gift is something that isn’t currently on sale, but you know your mom would love like concert tickets or a pre-order of the next installment of her favorite book series. Future gifts send the message that the reason you don’t currently have a gift is because it’s not available, not because you’re forgetful.

Just because you’re bad with dates doesn’t mean you don’t love your mother. The key to a good gift is thoughtfulness even if those thoughts happen that morning. Good luck and happy Mother’s Day!

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