10 Hairstyles That Need To Come Back In Style Right NowKit Steinkellner
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9.) Crayola Colors


Every time a fictional girl has crazy-color hair (Clementine in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) I want to BE that girl. I want to sport Crayola-colored-coifs, every color in the box!

10.) Full House Side Ponytail


Let’s come back full circle. If anything should come back into fashion, it should be my dearly beloved side ponytail. Side ponytail, I love you so much, be patient, my friend, your time will come again. I know I didn’t nail every hairstyle that should come back into style tomorrow, because there are a hundred gazillion infinity plus one.

What are some styles you wish would get cool again so you could rock them with nary a WTF look?

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  1. crimping – heck yeah

  2. I live in Uruguay and the Full House Side Ponytail came back last year in my country, I have no idea where they got it from but very girl from 12 to maybe 25 had this hairstyle anywhere I went. At the bus, at school, at the University, in the supermarket, EVERYWHERE!!. But as soon as it came, it went. It lasted a few months and now I can’t find anyone with it. Now is the half shaved heads. e_e

  3. You know Jennifer Anniston HATED the Rachel hair cut? She still hates it and it’s been over a decade.

  4. Crayola hair has never been “in style” and it shouldn’t be. Clementine and Ramona wear it because they’re counter-culture. If you identify with these characters, I conclude that you want to be counter-culture-cool too – go right ahead and dye your hair seafoam green or lemon or blurple, but demanding at the same time that it should be non-counter-culture makes little sense. :)

  5. Crayola hair never left! It’s just that most girls aren’t brave enough to rock it. Lavender hair is also popular, and it looks pretty cool. Actually, small beehive-like bumps combined with other haistyles are pretty popular, if you like volume. Milkmaid braids are very popular right now. And yes, it’s still cool to crimp your hair, yes, they still sell hair crimpers. Either way, if you really love these hairstyles, you should wear them, no matter what the others think.

  6. Crayola hair has never left. I’m rocking black and green with blonde bangs….. and it’s in a braid, which makes the double colors look even more awesome! Don’t just hope for these to come back, start the re-trend yourself! Gawkers be damned!

  7. The Rachel can die a brutal death please. And the reason the beehive didn’t come back is because it is just WAY too much work. Also, bumpits = no.

  8. Heidi braids are already back. You can thank YouTube personality Zoella for that. She looks amazing in that, and every, hairstyle!

  9. I always thought princess Leia’s hairstyle was butt ugly.

  10. Please not the bumpit!! Let that one die!!

  11. The flip and/or the beehive in crayola colors. Now that would be cooking with gas.

  12. Some HORRIBLE hairstylist cut my really long hair into a The Rachel last month and it’s GOD AWFUL!!! That has always been a horrible haircut. Now I get to rock it instead of the sleek, unlayered mid-length bob that I wanted. It’s pretty horrific!!! :(

  13. Would wear all of these. I’m in.

  14. As a short girl I love beehives! And they are definitely back in fashion some places in the U.K. However, not to be fussy but the pictures you have of beehives are both top knots, not real beehives. Cool article though :)
    I agree with Emily- I victory rolls are the best.

  15. I regularly rock victory rolls, but I mostly wear a beehive. Once you gain head height (as a short woman) you never want to go back! Although your beehive pictures are not beehives!! They are variations on top knots, which I also love. Cool article :)

  16. I love “The Rachael!” Best hair style I ever had. I have super thick hair, so any style that is designed for volume and falls into the face works best for me. Also, I often do my four-year-old’s hair in the “Full House Side Ponytail,” except without the teased bangs. It’s super cute.

  17. Victory rolls! …even though I wear them all the time anyways! :)

  18. You can totally rock the Sailor Moon hair buns. It is possible. Just look on You Tube and you can find How To videos. Look for the one by VenusAngelic hers are the best.