10 Grown-Up (Awesome) Ways to Celebrate Easter

The best part of Easter is participating in all the traditions that have absolutely nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus (but let’s not forget that he is also an important part of Easter), and everything to do with adorable bunnies and hunting eggs. Kids love Easter, because kids love all holidays that involve candy and presents. Actually, so do grown ups. Candy and presents are always better than no candy and no presents. But if you’re not super interested in hunting for plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and stickers hidden in grass, you may want to spice up your celebrations this year with some adult activities.

Here are ten grownup ways to celebrate Easter:

1. Peeptini

You can’t go wrong with a Peep martini, unless you hate Peeps and martinis. Here’s how it’s done: Infuse your favorite vodka with a few Peeps, and let it sit overnight. Add whatever flavor of Schnapps you like, and top if off with whipped cream and a peep as a garnish. Then drink it and high five yourself.

2. Easter Keg

Buy a keg of beer and decorate it like an egg. Then drink it (not by yourself, probably). Referring to it as an Easter keg is really important, so don’t forget that part.

3. Easter Egg Money Hunt

We already talked about how much we love candy, but wouldn’t it be more fun and financially egg-ffective to fill our Easter eggs with money instead of candy? If everyone throws in an equal amount of money, you will either come out ahead or in the red, depending on your fitness level.

4. Easter Lingerie

Want to spice things up in the bedroom? Even if you don’t have a person to spice things up for, wearing a bunny lingerie outfit will really get you in the mood. For Easter.

5. Easter Charades

Switch up your normal game of charades with words relating to Easter. Some of us aren’t entirely familiar with the story of Easter (mostly Jews and people who didn’t pay attention in church). So, not only will this game be fun and festive, it will be egg-ducational as well.

6. The Great Egg Race

Balance an egg on a spoon while racing other teams. Choose a partner and tie your l-eggs together. You’ve probably done this one before, but have you done it after one or two Peeptinis or drinking from an Easter keg?

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