It’s Halloween! Therefore, I figured what better way to honor this holiday than with some awesome and creative homemade Halloween costumes? I’m terrible at anything that requires patience or craftiness, so these pictures really impressed me.

I’m never anything creative for Halloween, but looking at these costumes inspires me to change for next year. I mean how adorable is that sushi costume? And that Alice in Wonderland costume looks super cool. What were you for Halloween this year?

  • Kellyn Carole Denton

    Really though, I just wanted to say one thing. Eliza, you are hilarious. I just read through your tumblr forever. I seriously read every post, and laughed at pretty much all of them.

    You’re fantastic.

  • Katherine Wheeler

    This year, I’m Dr. Temperance Brennan from Bones. When I was in 2nd grade, my grandmother made me a bunny rabbit costume. Since then, all the photographs have mysteriously disappeared.

  • Diana de León

    These are like, the most amazing and creative costumes ever!

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