I’ve heard of people liking French fries dipped in chocolate milkshakes and I thought that was pretty weird, yet I understood it. But when I started to look up weird food combinations, I came across some that I could not believe, so I decided to display some of the craziest ones that I found.

The weirdest food combination I tried was in 8th grade when I went out to dinner with my best friend and her mom. For $5, her mom dared me to mix hot sauce, soda, guacamole and other condiments/leftovers. I did it. Although it was disgusting I was pretty proud of myself. Not only did I make money, but also I knew, from then on I could eat just about anything. Do you like any weird food combinations?



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  1. I’m going to just say it right now, I don’t know why people think it’s weird or a food phenomenon that fries can pair with chocolate frosties. It’s an ACCEPTED way of life here in NY. No, I’m not talking hickey, upstate, middle-of-nowhere NY, but you know…Long Island, NYC? I just don’t see what people have against somethings that are just so obviously meant for each other. It’s love. Plain and simple. Honestly, just drop $2 at your local Wendy’s fast food dispensary, get those little fries and a mini frostie and go to town. You’ll never be the same.

    • Fellow Long Islander here who had about half her daily calories come from fries and frosties during high school. I’m vegan now, but I still tell my non-vegan friends that it’s a combination they MUST try.

  2. The absolute BEST is mayonnaise on pizza. BLT pizza is A-MAZING. Also, it doesn’t get much better than peanut butter on a burger, though, I don’t know if that’s considered weird anymore. I’ve been seeing it more and more – I guess people realized how awesome it is.

    Sarah of motleyrevue.com

  3. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches with tons of crushed doritos in it is one of my favorites :)

  4. My brother once ate chocolate dipped in vinegar. I was curious but not curious enough to try it.

  5. My sis only eats hot dogs if there is bar-b-q chips to put in it. I’m not sure if that is a weird combo or not but I don’t really know anyone else who does it :P

  6. I used to eat cheddar easy cheese on strawberry Twizzlers. I tried it again not long ago, and was surprised at how much I still enjoyed it. =D

  7. Jack in the box chicken sandwich, plain and then loaded with GOBS of sour cream! People always said it was weird…I don’t see it :)

  8. Campbell’s canned spaghettini with scrambled eggs

  9. Dill pickles with honey. I’ve also seen that topped with sour cream. I like the honey, can’t do the sour cream.

  10. Here in Lincoln Ne. People eat Chili with Cinnamon rolls.Not as in the rolls are dessert,nope they will either dip the rolls in the chili or just dump the chili right on the rolls and eat them. I am a foodie and have ate many a things but that was the strangest yet.

  11. Chocolate and bacon was a combo used on a MasterChef Australia challenge, along with cauliflower and choc, caviar and choc, blue cheese and choc and vegemite and choc… Heston Blumenthal was involved…

  12. I love the fries/chocolate frosties combo and I actually made chocolate covered bacon and took it to a party and it surprisingly was a huge hit.
    I also love cheez-its and bananas. I slice the banana into bite size chunks and top them with a cheez-it square. Also dill pickles (spicy is good too) and sharp cheddar cheese together is amazing. These have been 2 of my favorites since I was a kid.

  13. French fries dipped in Frosties are good. I had a peanut butter and pickle sandwich once and it wasn’t too bad. Some of these make me sick though. Also, I really wish you could scroll through the images without the page having to reload entirely.

  14. I really like putting jam (say…raspberry jam) and salami on my bread ^^ …also feta cheese with watermelon. :D Oh great, now I am hungry…

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