So you may have noticed I’m doing things a bit differently this week. Instead of bringing you 10 Best Tweets ABOUT something, I am bringing you my favorite tweets from my girl Amanda Bynes.

Okay, I know what she says on her Twitter. She doesn’t like when blogs write about her and if you don’t know her in real life, you can’t speak for her. So I figured, why not let the girl speak for herself?

There are oh-so-many gems on Amanda’s Twitter. Honestly, take some time and scroll through them all. When she isn’t waging war against the media or posting photos of her hair extensions, she isn’t afraid to drop some wisdom.

I look forward to reading Amanda’s tweets every day (yes, that’s what my days are like). So here are my favorite ten from this week and maybe last week, too!!

See something you are just dying to share? Well, I can’t post it unless I see it! Send your favorite tweets to me @origToriqua or! They just might make it into the next gallery!

Featured image via Amanda’s Twitter

  • Chelsea Robichaud

    Not entirely sure why this is even a thing. It seems quite clear that this woman is mentally unstable, and I don’t understand why the media is glorifying this. She has also stated on Twitter “It doesn’t matter what you think about yourself. All that matters is what your lover thinks of you,” which is a pretty terrible message.

  • Emily Whaley

    To be honest I am not sure why any of her tweets would be entertaining. For me, looking through her tweets one would easily mistake her for a teenager..but she is close to my age (28) and somehow this is very disconcerting. Yes she drops the odd pearl of wisdom but it’s evident that these remarks are coming from a skewed perspective.

  • Jennifer Stewart

    This is not entertaining or even worth blogging about, frankly. She’s got issues and this isn’t helping her or anyone else for that matter. Rise above it.

  • Cristi Castillo

    She’s got issues but she’s the one who puts them out there. I’m not on twitter as much as much as I used to be (broken smartphone never enough money) so I like this, it let’s me see the cray if everyday from her I miss. :)

  • Caroline Jeffery

    but She’s The Man WAS so good!!

  • Jessica de Ryk

    Yeah, I dunno…probably the least wise “wisdom” ever dropped but “I can’t wait to go down on this food.” was sort of funny. She’s just a weird girl who has been in the spotlight for too long and it’s made her a little loco.

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