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10 Amazing Girls That’d Make Awesome BFF’s

It just hit me like  a ton of bricks how amazing all the girls in my life are. They are all beautiful and intelligent, they know who they are, they take care of themselves, they work hard, and they do it all with a smile on their faces. By beautiful I don’t mean my friends are models, I mean they are beautiful inside and out because their spirit shines through everything they do. I can see  it in their writing, the way they dress, their jokes, the way they chop vegetables or dance. And most girls I meet are pretty awesome and genuine. So this is my tribute to girls that are super, and why they’d make excellent best friends forever.  (I will exclude my friends from this list because that goes without saying.)


Tina Fey

1. Tina Fey

Because she would get every random pop-culture reference you made and she’d remind you every day of the things that make you awesome and special. In short, she’d make you proud to be authentically yourself. Her new autobiography Bossy Pants is hilarious and inspirational, as well as a cool little window into the inner workings of the best show ever (in my humble opinion). I think she has changed the world forever by forging a new identity for women in pop-culture that has left a path for us all. She’s made it mainstream for women to be smart, funny, and natural authority figures who can be attractive without taking off their clothes. Be gone female archetypes of romantic comedies! We all don’t fight each other to get the guy, and we all don’t want to be prom queen! Vive la intelligence!

Nancy Silverton

2. Nancy Silverton, because when you hung out after work she’d whip you up some burrata with lemon zest and a sprinkling of hazelnuts, atop a grilled wedge of French bread, spread with a thing layer of garlic confit. Then she’d start to prep a nice butterlettuce salad while she told  you about the best unknown place for authentic Thai cuisine open past midnight. Nancy is another awesome female role-model: she started La Brea Bakery, and most relevant to my nomination, is co-owner of Osteria Mozza in LA. Mozza also includes a new cooking school titled Scuola Di Pizza, and I had the pleasure of taking the pasta-making course from Chef Matt Molina. If you happen to be in LA, she’s at the Osteria cheese bar most every night of the week (besides Saturdays I believe) keenly watching the patrons while preparing delicious burrata dishes. When you go, please order the Burrata with braised artichokes and the Raviolo, then the Rosemary Cakes for dessert. And don’t forget to say hi to her— she’s extremely gracious and friendly.

Miho Hatori

3. Miho Hatori aka Noodle. Miho would be a rad BFF because you’d never be bored. You’d make paper hats and look through rare picture books, dance in socks on slippery floors, and make up songs on the spot while cooking ramen in the kitchen. This is of course me inferring who she is based on her public persona, but as an artist Miho has retained so much of what most can’t hold onto from childhood. She’s spontaneous and unaffected, and her music is unique and experimental. As an aside her character in the Gorillaz is my fave. I even named my dog after her. If you are so lucky – she’s playing tonight at the Hollywood Bowl!

Kate and Laura Mulleavy

4. Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte–  Yeah, this is technically cheating because they are two gals, but they are sisters who are very close friends so it would not be fair to choose one as a BFF. Kate and Laura would make awesome BFF’s because, A. For your birthday you would get Rodarte clothing. B. You would go on cool off-the-beaten-path vacations together and climb on rocks, and have the best Hipstamatic photos evah. C. You would never be short of inspiration. Their methods for clothing design are tactile and experimental, and their craft is so excellent that it inspires any artistic tendencies to bubble up and run wild. And in case you didn’t know, they did a line for Targé a while back.

Zoe Bell

5. Zoe Bell, stunt-woman extraordinaire. She’d make a rad BFF because if a guy broke your heart she’d not only comfort you and make you go to a pilates class, afterwards she’d kick his ass. She would also teach you how correctly tumble if you happen to need to jump out of a moving car. She’s a female archetype we need to see more of. (Spoiler alert! End clip from DeathProof)

Amy Poehler

6. Amy Poehler – because she would make you pee your pants laughing even if you were sad, and do impersonations of all the people you hated. She’d make dinner parties the event of the year, and she’d also make anything funny you wrote on a Facebook wall even funnier by “liking” it. If you watch The Best of Amy Poehler SNL collection, it will make your stomach muscles sore. The woman is a genius.


Kim Gordon

7. Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth. She’d be a rad BFF because you’d be waaaay too cool for school in every single circle you walked into and other cool people would be totally intimidated by you. You’d go to the coolest gallery openings and speakeasy’s, and get invited back stage at the best shows. And as an added bonus you would be a friend of a friend of lots of important people in music/art history. Not to mention, Kim herself. Last month if you happened to visit the MoMA in NY they were screening one of Kim’s early Sonic Youth vids in the retrospective, ‘Looking at Music 3.0′. She’s never been afraid to experiment, and she designs some pretty sweet clothes too.

Candace Parker

8. Candace Parker basket-baller, because she would never let you whine or wallow in self-pity, and she’d give the best pep-talks ever. (All she’d really have to do is play you her clip of the first-girl-dunk-ever in a NCAA tournament.) She’d be the friend that asks you to go running in the morning before work, and then treats you to a juice afterwards. You’d probably wear less make-up and start wearing new tennis shoes with work-out clothes more often. She’d also be your inside source tickets to the best games, and little girls across America would love you just for being her friend.


Melody Beattie


9. Melody Beattie would be the BFF you don’t see very often but you’d call her when you’re having a total melt down, and she would give you awesome concise advice and you’d feel instantly better. She’d also be your yoga buddy that you talk to over tea about your week. She’s written some of the most insightful books I’ve ever read, all of which have changed who I am today. They address universal dynamics of life and give real tools to change anything about it that you want. She writes with compassion and objectivity; not a “sister you need a hug” kinda lady, a “here’s how you let go of it and move on” kinda lady. I wouldn’t doubt she’s already a BFF x a million.


Claire Denis

10. Claire Denis who would be your worldly and wise BFF. Together you might go hiking and pick wild flowers, then stop for Ethiopian food. She’s also take you to new screenings of films you’d otherwise never hear about. She’s an amazingly talented director, probably most famous for Nenette and Boni – it has an awesome soundtrack by The Tindersticks. She has the eye of a painter; her scenes are gorgeous and soothing even when the subject is not. If you haven’t seen it, watch Friday Night – it’s the most romantic, sexy film and every frame makes you want to print it out and hang it on your wall. I could leave it on a loop on my TV forever.

Too many girls to list, too little time! This list is kinda random, but hey, all BFF’s are and should be diverse to reflect all the different facets of you. The best thing of all about BFF’s is through your time with them they will remind you of who you really are. I can say of all my friends, female and male, I am honored and proud that they are a reflection of something about me.
 Please share stories about your BFF’s or just awesome girls everyone should know!!! xo Sarah

Feature image via Womenandhollywood.com